RECIPE: TKG's Japanese-inspired Pancakes

I do love cooking especially if it involves preparing delicious meals for my family. I also love replicating food and dishes from my travels or any request from my family as long as I think I can make it. 

So here's my own version of Japanese-inspired pancakes because my daughter LOVES pancakes. This is very easy to prepare also.


1 small box of ready to cook pancake (I used Magnolia brand for this)
1 egg (separate yolk from white)
2-3 tsp of sugar
2 tsp butter

Beat egg-white and sugar until foamy (better if mallow-texture).
Add the egg-white mixture to pancake mix.
Add butter.
Mix everything well until smooth and runny.
Cook and serve with honey or maple syrup or chocolate syrup.

Bon appetit!