Taco Bell Introduces Flaming Queso line

Cheese and jalapeño are always a good combination and you can now experience that at Taco Bell. Introducing the new Flaming Queso line which are available for a limited time only!

There are three mouthwatering flavors in Taco Bell's Flaming Queso line: 

Flaming Grilled Stuft Quesorrito (P195), which is made with Mexican-style ground beef and Mexican flavored rice, drizzled with nacho cheese sauce, and decked with diced onions, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and jalapeno slices in a tortilla wrap.

The Flaming Quesodilla (P159), has three types of cheeses and jalapeno slices and folded in a large tortilla wrap.

Lastly, there the Flaming Quesowrap Supreme (195), with its Mexican-style ground beef, dollops of nacho cheese sauce and sour cream, spoonful of diced onions, diced tomatoes, and jalapeno slices, encased in a crunchy tortilla wrap.

These Flaming Queso line are available until April 8, 2024 only. Have your fill of mouthwatering cheesy hot quesodillas at your nearest Taco Bell branch.