All-New Jollibee Chicken Nuggets

Just after the launch of Jollibee's Summer Treats, the country's #1 fastfood chain unveils its latest product- the Crispy, Juicy, Chicken On-The-Go, Jollibee Chicken Nuggets! 

Sharing here why Jollibee Chicken Nuggets is the perfect snack:

1. It's Crispy. Prepare yourself for pure joy as you sink your teeth into these nuggets, with a crunch on the skin as well as a satisfying texture found in each bite. Jollibee has mastered the art of achieving the top-notch crispiness. 

2. It's Juicy. Beyond the crispy exterior lies the juicy and succulent chicken which promises a burst of flavor. Each indulgent bite will have you reaching for more. 

3. It's on-the-go. The Jollibee Chicken Nuggets are the ideal snack to take with you on-the-go. This delectable finger food is designed to conveniently fit into any activity, allowing you to savor its goodness anytime, anywhere. 

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This add captures the essence of the Jollibee Chicken Nuggets experience. Whether you're driving to a meeting, working in the office, or hanging out with your buddies, these nuggets make a great companion for your everyday activities. It also comes with a choice of dip, BBQ ketchup, ranch, or sriracha mayo, making it all the more enjoyable. 

"We are thrilled to introduce the Jollibee Chicken Nuggets- a delicious snack that combines crispiness, juiciness, and convenience in every bite. We are confident that these nuggets will not only win over the hearts and tastebuds of our customers, but also become their new on-the-go snack companion," said Luis Berba, Marketing Director at Jollibee. 

The Jollibee Chicken Nuggets is now available nationwide. It comes in 6-pcs for P99, and 10-pcs for P175. This is available for dine-in-, takeout or delivery via Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda.