2024 DTI- National Food Fair

The 2024 DTI- National Food Fair was formally opened to the public yesterday, July 3. This 5-day event is at the Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall is a haven for foodies and food enthusiasts. So many food finds here from around the 200 curated MSMEs representing provinces from all over the Philippines. 

So be ready with your baskets and shopping bags because the National Food Fair will definitely fill up your fridge and pantry. From fruits to vegetables, rice, eggs, cookies and delicacies, coffee, wine, chocolates, sausages, bottled sardines, among others. There's also a few stalls that sells textiles, wooden plates, baskets, and much, much more. 

And if you love freshly cooked food, there are some stalls that sells that, too! I do love the freshly cooked Vigan empanada and the brewed coffee. Must-try combo!

What's nice about this year's National Food Fair is that the stalls are organized per category so you won't really get lost, say for example you forgot to buy sausage. All you need to do is go back to the meat or processed food area. 

Another great thing about the 2024 National Food Fair is that you can conveniently pay using GCash or Maya, although some stalls still prefer cash so make sure to have smaller bills ready.

Here's some of the food I bought for my pantry:

Chicharon from Chicharona, a gourmet take on the beloved chicharon. 
Bucheron by Says Pampanga. Ah, so sinfully good! 
Fresh eggs, 230 for one tray (large eggs).
Vegetables and fruits that's quite affordable and being sold at market value, no kidding!
Limoncello from Sol's Italian Foods. They also sell other liquors. 
Vigan longganisa and bagnet. I mean, you can't go wrong with those right?
Rabbit Adbobo Flakes! OMG! This is so interesting and yummy. 
Freshly cooked Vigan empanada and bagnet rice meal which we ate there.
Iced latte made with beans from Sultan Kudarat which is so good! I might go back for the beans. 

Aside from the food items, there are also daily workshops and business talks which you can also watch live online on: FB BDTP 

More details about the 2024 National Food Fair here: A Feast for the Senses