RECIPE: TKG's Longganisa Pasta in Limoncello Sauce

I love pasta not just because it is very easy to prepare, but because you can literally create tons of sauces and pair it with different ingredients available in the fridge or pantry. 

For this particular pasta- Longganisa Pasta in Limoncello Sauce, I used Vigan longganisa which I just bought from the food fair. I want to mention that I love going to food fair because of the exciting food finds and delicacies from different provinces. No need to travel to get ingredients, right?


5-6 pcs medium sized Vigan longganisa
200g pasta, I used linguini 
2 tbsp black olives
grated cheese, any will do but I used Fontina in this recipe
2-3 tbsp of limoncello 
freshly ground pepper
chili flakes
salt to taste

You can check food preparation video here: Longganisa Pasta in Limoncello Sauce

Boil pasta till al dente and set aside, water included. 
Remove longganisa from casing, and cook in pan with a bit of water. Make sure to mashed the meat into tiny bits. Once the water has reduced or when the longganisa is cooked, add the olives. 
Then add limoncello (not too much though because it can make the sauce bitter). Mix well with the meat and olives before adding the grated cheese. I prefer using soft cheese for pasta sauce. Then add salt, pepper and chili flakes for taste. Add a bit of pasta water, allow to simmer before tossing in the pasta. Make sure that the pasta is covered well with the sauce, and leave in pan for about 2-3 minutes more before turning off the stove. 

Serve. Buon appetito! 

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