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Basix Trois
Joey Pepperoni This pizzeria have been around for about 2 years now, the first branch being at the Mall of Asia if i'm not mistaken, and we don't go there often. Luckily, they opened a branch near our place and they deliver- yey! I ordered Luka Pizza which is pesto based with shrimps. It's yummy and reminds me greatly of my fave salmon pizza at NYPD in Podium. The downside was, it's not hot when it arrived. But it's delish, nonetheless!
Basix Deux
Tofu Chips This is a healthier alternative to pringles, cheetos, lays, etc. It's not oily also and comes in cheese, onion, barbeque and plain flavors. This is also popular amongst the health-conscious and vegans.

Korean Pear

This is bigger and has a different shape than the usual pear that we see in the grocery/market. It's like a cross-breed of fuji apple and pear (imo). Tastes crunchy and smooth. I wouldn't think twice in buying this pear. This is also good for chocolate fondue!

Murray & D'Vine

This is a burger-bar right in the heart of Serendra. It's my second time to eat in this place. The first time, we were in a hurry so we just ate dessert and bought a gargantuan burger and onion rings for take out. This time around, we sampled the drinks and sliders. Of course, we still ordered onion rings. That's a chocolate martini or chocolatini. It's a combination of vodka, martini and dark chocolate liquor. Deadly delish! Hic! These burgers are called sliders. They are grilled and not oily. How do they do that? I don't know! We tried the beef, chicken & vegetable patties. I like the beef best-- of course! The onion rings not oily, not salty nor does it taste doughy. In other words, it tastes divine! The fries are included with the sliders. We should have known. Otherwise, we wouldn't have ordered onion rings.. hehehe
Not-So-Basix Basic means simple. However, Dusit Thani's Basix is exactly the opposite. The buffet choices are overwhelming and everything looks delicious, too.
San Marino Corned Tuna At last, I chanced upon this hard-to-find tuna that almost everyone is raving about. So what's the big deal? I guess it literally tastes better since the canned tuna being sold before was dominated by the competitor. It's like, at last- there's a new one! ;)

RECIPE: TKG's Tokwa't Baboy

This is very easy to make. I used pig's ears, tokwa & spices. Boil the pig's ears until tender, fry the tokwa then add everything and it's ready to serve.