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Chocolatey Goodness

This is a boxful-of-LOVE. I love the dark chocolate variant. Daughter prefers the one with the caramel. Hubby wants to eat them all --- hahaha!

Mitre On A Sunny Day

It's been raining crazy the last three weeks that includes a BAHAGAT. A day and night of torrential typhoon-like rain that is just moonsoon rain gone crazy. It flooded almost the entire stretch of metro manila including rizal, cavite, batangas, bulacan and pampanga. So once the sun's up (and classes are back to normal), me and my 3 foodie-mates had lunch at Mitre. This is our 3rd time to dine here in a span of one month. I guess the extensive menu and delicious food made us want to come back. Highly recommended is the crispy pata and blueberry cheesecake and the halo-halo. Oh, and don't order the saba con yelo because you won't be able to finish the saba since its more saba than yelo (ice). However, for first time diners, you'll find it weird to order food like Archbishop-something's Kare-Kare or Archbishop's Pasta. Every dish are named after an archbishop with only few exception.
Old Time Favorite As always, whenever there's a special occasion or a memorable event, Estrel's cakes never fail to make our life sweeter. And it just so happen that my aunt celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. ;)
Loco Over Burrito This brand is available at S&R branches and costs only P200/pack of 8 burritos. Not bad! Tastes good. You can have it warmed in a toaster or microwave.