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Balinese Feast At The Market Cafe

I just had a wonderful Balinese dinner at The Market Cafe, thanks to Chef Ni Made Sadnyani and Chef Kompyang Wikanta from Grand Hyatt Bali for preparing sumptuous Balinese dishes that has a touch of Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. This ten-day food festival at The Market Cafe will run from August 30 to September 8, dinners only and lunch and dinner on September 8.

The Balinese food station. You really can't miss this because you'll see it as soon as you enter the restaurant. Also, you can ask the friendly staff for food recommendations should you find the name's of the dishes confusing. I'd personally recommend the Kambing Menyatnyat (which I thought at first is goat meat- haha) is actually braised lamb with a spicy coconut sauce. One word- delish!

Spicy vegetable, seafood and fruit dishes. But don't be scared to try these dishes because I've noticed that they've toned down the spice and chilies so they're not that spicy. It was explained to me that they made it that way so that guests who are not fond of spicy food can also enjoy the dishes. Luckily, if you really want it that spicy (super hot spicy), you can request for additional spices.

Seafood Salad. Just be careful and remove the chili pepper seeds. You know what I mean. Water please!

Arrived too early. They are still grilling some satays when I took this photo. Not in the photo are the Sate Buntel Kambing (lamb satay) and Sate Sapi (beef satay). I know because that's what I got. And by the way, these satays has a really thick peanut sauce that tasted quite different from what was usually given to us in other restaurants. Really authentic peanut sauce. I was attempting to guess what spices they used but gave up in the end so that I can just enjoy my meal. Haha

Babi Guling, or Roasted Suckling Pig. Its lechon de leche Balinese version. I was told that aside from herbs, the suckling pig was also stuffed with sweet potatoes. Too bad I forgot to taste it since I just concentrated on the "balat" or the skin. And it was flavorful, no need for dipping sauce. Yum!

I wasn't able to get the name of this uber delicious dessert but its really memorable. Think "sugar rush!" The soft taho-like comes with its own arnibal-like sauce. Honestly, this is so good! I really had to control myself from getting another one since I am also eager to try the other desserts.

The pink dessert on the left is another -l-o-v-e. Dadar Gulung is the Balinese version of crepe. Inside was jackfruit and grated coconut with sugar. Yum yum. The one beside the glass are bananas (didn't get to taste this) topped with grated coconut. The one on the right is like our malagkit rice or what we call biko sans the latik (cocojam) topping.

There are also fresh fruit choices. I had some dragon fruit, pineapples and watermelon.

The specially created Balinese Beverages. Left to right: Bali Sunset (watermelon, orange, banana), Bali Breeze (coconut mix, banana, pineapple, lime), Mango Lychee Cooler (mango, lychee, coconut water), Pandan Iced Tea, and Lemongrass Iced Tea. I had the Mango Lychee Cooler which tasted really nice and refreshing. The mango and the lychee was well-blended that they didn't overpower each other's taste. The coconut water was indistinguishable though but that's okay since the drink highlights mango and lychee.

Chef Ni Made Sadnyani (right) with Executive Chef Josef Miklavc.

It was really a lovely dinner, with nice Balinese music. Terima kasih banyak to Chef Sadnyani and Chef Wikanta.

And as an added bonus, those availing of the Balinese Delights can get a chance to win a TRIP FOR TWO in Grand Hyatt Bali. The 2N/3D stay is inclusive of airfare courtesy of Philippine Airlines.

Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila
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Manila, Philippines
+632 245 1234

For more information, please call the Food and Beverage Reservations Center at +632 2478666 or making your booking online by visiting the website of Hyatt Hotel Manila. Alternatively, send an email to 


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