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NEW RESTO ALERT: 100 Revolving Restaurant

This restaurant is barely six months old but knowing that Chef Jessie Sincioco of the famed Le Souffle, Top of The Citi, and The Rockwell Club is at the helm, then there's no denying of having a superb dining experience here. And of course, not to be missed is the 360 degree revolving view of the City which makes a complete circle in approximately 90 minutes. I bet even the kids will love the awesome view of the city. Aside from the city view, you can also have a full circle view of the different areas of the restaurant from the main entrance, bar, kitchen and dining area. To date, this is the only revolving restaurant in the country although there used to be a revolving restaurant in Quiapo, Manila decades ago. If you happen to know SM Clearance Outlet, simply look up and you'll see where the revolving restaurant used to be. I'm not really sure if its moving like the 100 Revolving Restaurant of Chef Jessie but I'm pretty sure that it had a splendid 360 degree view of the city when tall buildings were just a handful.

At night, we were told by Chef Jessie that the restaurant has been a popular place for romantic proposals and several private functions.

That's the bar where its nice to chill especially after work.

The kitchen. You can really see what's going on inside.

This is a special luncheon created by Chef Jessie for some of the Miss Earth 2014 contestants and some media friends. She mentioned that we will be having a set of lunch with beauty queen proportions. The lunch she created paid tribute to Filipino Cuisine, simple Filipino fare with a touch of world class elegance.

We started off with some bread. Soft bread rolls served warm. I love restaurant that serves bread or other nibbles to tide away pangs of hunger and eat at a leisurely pace once the food begins to arrive.

Golden butter, rich and creamy. I love the careful attention to its flower shape. A small pat is all you need and you'll be in bread heaven.

The photo doesn't do justice to this wonderful "dip" creation by Chef Jessie. Think olive oil with balsamic vinegar except that this is way, way better. As much as I'd like to describe what's in the "dip," I'm certain that its best for you to discover it yourself. ;)

Heart of Palm in Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing served in a bed of Fresh Alugbati. This is the sossy version of "Hubad na Lumpiang Ubod." But don't get fooled into thinking that this is a simple salad because its not. The burst of flavor from the tamarind vinaigrette, the "ubod" and the alugbati will just mesmerize your taste bud. There is that w-o-w factor.

Clear Essence of Chicken with raw Papaya and Moringga (malunggay). A classy and healthy "tinola" soup. Quite good actually.

After the soup was cleared away from our table, we were given this citrus sorbet.  Actually, this sorbet is a sort of palate-cleanser. To remove any aftertaste brought about by the soup and salad before the main course. I hope I'm right! Hahaha.

Pan-Fried South Sea Bass (Apahap) Fillet in creamy Coconut Sauce served with Garlic Rice and Achara. I don't know how to describe this dish but I have one word for it- amazeballs! The fish is nicely cooked and juicy, and the coconut sauce makes it more special. Actually, I thought it was gravy until I glanced at the menu and was surprised when I read- coconut sauce. The achara was very good also and I'm glad that it is not sour. As for the garlic rice, hmmmm ... I was planning to eat just half of it but the fish was so good that I ate all of it. There's nothing beauty-queenie when I eat. ;) And it was really a very filling meal.

I would happily skip dessert but a Halo-Halo Parfait is not something that I can eat every day. Another delightful surprise. Truly a work of art that awakens the senses, "sweet poetry."

Some of the Miss Earth contestants flanking Chef Jessie. They all received a special book from her. :)

That's me with Chef Jessie. Feeling like a beauty queen! :D

100 Revolving Restaurant
33F MDC Bldg.,
Eastwood Drive cor C5,
Quezon City
Tel Nos: 962.1016 / 962.5654

*** this restaurant is CLOSED already

the kitchen goddess 


  1. The place looks nice. It looks romantic and dreamy at night I guess ;)

    1. Sis, book a table na for Valentine's Day. I heard from Chef Jessie that they're accepting reservations na :)

  2. That restaurant looks like the perfect place for a proposal! I shall recommend! LOL :)


    1. Chef Jessie made kwento that the restaurant is quite popular for proposals. Sometimes daw about 5 tables ang naka-reserve for that purpose ;) --- TheKitchenGoddess

  3. Wow.. May revolving resto na rin pala here..I know a revolving resto kasi is in KOREA.. it's good that we have that.. Nice and elegant resto,at the heart of Q.C

    1. Yes, I was quite surprised myself. You have to visit it :)

  4. It's just like @tmosphere restaurant at the top of Tun Mustafa in Kota Kinabalu. ^_^

    1. The city view is awesome here :)

  5. The restaurant looks great, and looks expensive too. Great to spend the holidays there with a loved one. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Really nice restaurant to have a romantic date with your sweetie ;) ---- TheKitchenGoddess


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