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My First Buffet Lunch In 2014

Who would've thought that after the month-long pigging-out last December that I'd still have space for another one just a few days after New Year's Day? But I have a very good excuse- my best buddy and foodie-mate from Cebu is here so there's reason for another celebration. Also, she was the one who told me about the Saturday lunch promo of 100 Revolving Restaurant for Citibank card holders which began last month. The restaurant is located along C5 in Eastwood.

Thumbs up because I've already tried their Saturday Buffet Lunch at 100 Revolving during its first run last December and I love, love, love the buffet spread there especially the cochinillo. I also love the turkey and the roast beef. I love the salad greens, the pasta, the seafood. And the love the desserts. Okay, I love everything there. Take note: the buffet spread is not as extensive as the buffet spreads in most hotels and restaurant but the difference here is that you want to eat everything here because they're just so delicious. I can't even decide clearly which is my favorite dish or dessert. Please read my first visit to 100 Revolving Restaurant here.

We arrived at the restaurant around 1130am so the buffet table was not that crowded yet. And we got to chose from the sumptuous dishes without bumping elbows with fellow diners.

Look at that cochinillo ... yum yum! Lucky that I was able to take photo before it got hacked, and of course some of the crispy skin ended up on my plate.

The roast beef, turkey, and cochinillo. Yummy and sinful choices indeed. Forget d-i-e-t.

The dessert selections. I love the Croquembouche Caramel Tower. Chef Jessie, I really can't pronounce it properly so I'll just call it the "cream-puff" tower. :) I didn't get to taste it because I concentrated on the Crepe Samurai and Chocolate Mousse and Rare Cheesecake but my friend Jovee gave it two thumbs up. :)

Chocolate Mousse. Heaven in a shot glass.

Sugarfree Mango Cheesecake, the Croquembouche Caramel, and the Crepe Samurai. I can't remember the dark chocolate dessert but it was really, REALLY good. Chef Jessie made it herself. We almost didn't get to taste it because we were about to leave already but she insisted that we try her creation. She said that she learned it in France.

PS. Not in the photo are the huge prawn & vegetable tempura, lamb, beef ragout, grilled seafood, pork dish, salpicao rice, two choices of pasta, three choices of salad greens. Wasn't able to take photos because I was too busy eating. Shhhh! Also, I noticed that some of the dishes today were not included in the menu during the buffet's first run. Two thumbs up especially for "repeaters" like me. ;)

Saturday Lunch Buffet will end on January 25 and according to Chef Jessie, reservations already full. Hoping that they'll extend the promo. :)

That's us with Chef Jessie. Not in the photo is C (the one from Cebu) who left ahead of us because of a previous engagement. Thank you Chef for the wonderful and memorable lunch. Looking forward to another visit in the near future. (note to self: must.exercise)

PPS. The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto was also dining at the restaurant earlier. I got blessed and I also feel blessed especially at the onset of the new year. Wishing my family, Chef Jessie, friends, and everyone a blessed 2014. :)

100 Revolving Restaurant
33F MDC 100 Bldg.
C5 cor Eastwood Drive,
Quezon City
Tel - +632-9621016
Fax- +632-9625654


  1. What a great way to jumpstart the year, ok now I'm drooling, everything looks yummy ;)

    1. Sis, book a table na for you and your sweetie this coming Valentine's Day. :)


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