The East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza in Ortigas is now a haven for foodies because it offers a a diverse line-up of "international" restaurants from Filipino, Continental, Japanese, Korean, et al. And having tried the Woo Galbi a few days back before I was invited to join the special lunch for bloggers, I happily confirmed my attendance.

Also, being a faithful koreanovela enthusiast made me appreciate Korean food and my hubby and daughter also learned to appreciate Korean food.

I love the cozy and friendly interiors. It makes me want to stay there forever. No kidding. This is the kind of restaurant where you'd be happy to hang-out with family or friends and chillax after a tummy-filling meal. The staff are friendly and unobtrusive. Thumbs up!

Woo Galbi House Salad. I love how the lettuce are green and crisp and the tomato juicy. The dressing is also just right but if you wanted more I think they'll happily give it to you.

Beef Belly Wrap. This reminds me of my favorite panizza. And its beef so its good. I seldom go wrong when it comes to beef.

Tiger Roll. Interesting! I only ate the toppings and the middle part (prawn). Sorry I skipped the rice part because I suddenly had this crazy idea of not-eating-rice anymore. But the flavor execution is good although I made the mistake of dipping it in soy sauce and it totally lost its unique flavor. My advice, don't dip in sauce.

Ramyeon: Ojing-o and Jeyuk. Ramyeon is ramyeon and this I can happily eat all week. The thing that I love best when it comes to ramyeon is that its so flexible when it comes to what goes in it. In this case, squid and pork. Yumyum.

Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap. I used to love bibimbap but since I'm on a self-imposed no-rice diet, I sadly skipped this. Everyone on the table had a go and the plate was cleared in a few minutes so it must be delish.

Woo Galbi Roll. It took me several shots and different angles before I'm satisfied with the photo. Alas, I wasn't able to taste this for some reason I can't remember. But my the blogger beside me was raving about it and happily ate my share.

Bulgogi Shortribs. Now this I like. Obviously, beef agrees with my no rice diet. Not to mention I can just eat it with lettuce. And the marinade tasted great, too. Very flavorful and the beef is not dry but juicy.

Galbi Tang. Beef soup with radish and glass noodles. Two thumbs up! Read my separate Galbi Tang review here.

Sundubu Jjigae. This is L-O-V-E especially on a rainy day. I know this for a fact because a friend and I happen to have lunch here on another occasion and we ordered this. It was raining cats and dogs that time we're even dripping when we arrived at the restaurant bt Sundubu Jjigae saves the day. The soup has prawns and squid and herbs and veggies. I love the way it warmed our tummies. Oh, and you can request if you prefer not-spicy, mild, or spicy. Thumbs up!

All Beef Platter 1. Be ready to wrap-and-roll. Super good. I had more than a few slices of this. Best paired with soju (if you drink). This is a nice dish that the whole family or group of friends will enjoy since it involves a table-top stove.

Blue Torch Salmon Rolls. I ate the salmon sans sauce this time. Good. I really apologize for not eating the rice (again).

Spicy Deep Fried California Maki. I skipped this because I'm just too full and ready to burst. The other bloggers gave it a try. Aja!

To sum it up, I enjoyed all the dishes that was presented to us. Actually, that's about a quarter of the menu. Will schedule a family date soon. Yey!

P.S. The restaurant also serves note-worthy banchans. I specifically fell in-love with their spinach with sesame oil and the spicy "dilis."

Woo Galbi
6L East Wing
Shangri-La Plaza
Mandaluyong City