Uni3 GastroHub

Dampa in Macapagal is a nice place to go to whenever you're craving for seafood but most of the time, it is crowded also. Luckily, nearby Hobbies of Asia is fast becoming the "new" dining area along Macapagal.

Uni3 GastroHub is one of the new and exciting "paluto" restaurant in that area. Although the restaurant is quite new, the owner, Mr. Patrick Lozada, has years of experience thanks to the famous Trinity Seafood Restaurant.

Uni3 GastroHub has a seating capacity of 120-130. It is spacious and has a more relaxed ambiance. The kitchen can also be seen from the dining area so you can watch how your food is being prepared. All the staff that we met are friendly and helpful.

The restaurant is great for parties and get-togethers especially this Holiday Season.

Shrimps in Oyster Sauce. So good and fresh. The only downside was we took so many photos of it before it was served that the skin stuck to the flesh of the shrimp. Be prepared to eat tons of rice though. ;)

Buttered Crabs. Daughter enjoyed this. I know I'd enjoy this too but too lazy to wash the butter sauce off my fingers. My loss is her gain.

Calamares. Now this is an all-time favorite of mine. I can literally feast on this every day. The squid was tender and the batter was flavorful already that there's really no need to dip it on the mayo dressing.

Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna. The broth was refreshing and I like that they added "mustasa" instead of "pechay" or "kangkong." Its a nice blend of sour (broth) and bitter (mustasa) flavors. Thumbs up!

Sweet and Sour Fish. Sorry I skipped the fish. But my tablemates had fun eating it so it must be good.

Baked Mussels. Another love! But I wish for big fat ones next time. Hehe

We also had fried chicken and pancit guisado. The pancit was so delicious. Its not dry and bland like the other pancit I've tasted. The fried chicken was delicious also except that we were so full already because of the shrimp, crabs, and calamares. But it was really a great feast and we all enjoyed it.

Uni3 GastroHub
Hobbies of Asia
(before Seaside; landmark is Yakimik)
Tel- 0917 477 1979