RECIPE: TKG's Pritong Manok

This is a super easy to make recipe. All you need is half kilo of chicken (cut into small pieces for easy frying), Datu Puti's Toyomansi, and lemon (optional).

I marinaded the chicken pieces for an hour with 4-5 tbsp of Datu Puti Toyomansi. You can add more of the toyomansi or even add salt if you prefer a saltier version, or throw in some ground pepper.

Fry the chicken in hot oil and squeeze lemon on the chicken before serving. We had Datu Puti's Sukang Sinamak as "sawsawan."

Serves 2-4 pax.


I got the Datu Puti vinegars from the Food Tastings event so I'm using it already.  I'm currently addicted to the Sukang Sinamak- its a perfect blend of "asim" and "anghang."