RECIPE: TKG's Chocolate Cheesecake

I've been meaning to make cheesecake a few weeks back but daughter had a sudden fascination with cream cheese and crackers so we always ran out of cream cheese. Luckily, I had this crazy moment in the kitchen. I'm now sharing my easy to make chocolate cheesecake recipe.

So here's my cheesecake inspiration recipe that I found in the pantry- Chips Ahoy, Milka Chocolate Bar, Eden Cheese, and Nestle Cream.

Because I don't have cream cheese in the pantry, I made my own cream cheese using Eden Melt Sarap and Nestle All Purpose Cream. Super easy!

Here's my homemade cream cheese:

Cut the cheese into tiny pieces (the whole box). Then using a non-stick pan (low-heat), add the cream and the cheese. Stir continuously to avoid burning the cheese, don't let it boil also. That simple, you now have your cream cheese!

I then added the broken chocolate bar to the cream cheese, thus turning it into a chocolate-y goodness. Set aside until cool then place in the fridge so that it will harden a bit.


You have the option to add sugar to the mixture and reduce cheese amount by half. I used the whole 165g of cheese and its a bit "salty."

For the cheesecake crust:

Crushed the chips ahoy and add some softened butter/margarine and about 2 tbsp of sugar. I used Dari Creme. Form the sticky crumbs evenly into pan or wherever you want to place your cheesecake. I used Lock&Lock. Add the cheesecake mixture on top of the crumbs, cover the container and place it in the freezer for about 2 hours (depends on how cold the temperature is).

Slice a portion and topped it with anything. Daughter requested Oreo so we topped it with Oreo. Bon appetite from The Kitchen Goddess!