Vanilla Brasserie Bangkok

One of my most memorable restaurant discovery in Bangkok is Vanilla Brasserie. Aside from having a nice ambiance, the restaurant also serves deliciously and camera-friendly dishes. Not to mention that it is also located in posh Siam Paragon Mall.

Vanilla Brasserie looks like the usual restaurant from the outside but once you take a peek inside and glance at their menu, who'll know that they mean business. However, I have to say that I like the colors because it is warm and inviting.

Aioli Pasta. Looks simple but its quite good. I ordered this because I just came from a very long trip (floating market) and a bit famished but doesn't really want to over-stuffed myself.

Signature Squid Ink Pasta with Prawn and Garlic. My friend ordered this and asked me to have a forkful but I think I almost ate everything on the plate. ;) Yeah, I didn't realize that I was that hungry. What I like here is that the prawns are fat and juicy. And yes, I love anything with squid ink and garlic. Who cares if it blackens my teeth and makes my breath smell garlicky. Hahaha.

Baked Potato and Salad Greens. Just okay, I'm not much into baked potatoes though.

Chocolate Mousse. Here is another love at Vanilla Brasserie. I love how smooth and chocolate-y the mousse was without being cloyingly sweet. Thumbs up! No need for coffee if you order this.

We washed down our meal with Thai Milk Tea (my order), and chocolate drink for my friend. I also bought some flavored mooncakes (caramel, green tea, black sesame) and they are soooo delish! It also comes in nice tin containers.

And here's a photo with my Thai blogger friend, Monlada Nanawan. We met in Hong Kong a couple of years back when we both attended the Hong Kong Wine & Dine event sponsored by OpenRice.

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