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Wafu Goes Live with Exciting Offerings

Wafu celebrates its 4th anniversary this year and it has a line-up of exciting and mouthwatering dishes even for the picky eater. Wafu was conceptualized to merge exquisite dining ambiance and authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts of nice interiors and a teppanyaki area at the second floor. Of course, Wafu also serves great tasting Japanese dishes with ingredients flown in weekly from Japan to give diners a gastronomic dining experience.

Here's teaser of what we ate.
Cold Platter: Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, Uni, Gruper, Aji and Tiger Prawn.
The colors and texture of the sashimi, and even the generous slice is what makes Wafu's Cold Platter a cut above the rest. No need to say more.

Established in 2012 by restaurant visionary Bryan Tiu, Wafu has come a long way since then. And now that the restaurant marks its 4th year, Wafu is also introducing its newest executive chef, Onishi Nobuyoshi or Chef Nobu as he is fondly called. Chef Nobu who hails from Osaka brings in his 30 years of experience of working in the best sushi restaurants in Japan such as Midori, of which he is the Master Sushi Chef.

Hot Platter: Gindara, Chuck Roll & Scallops on Shell with Balsamic Sauce, Daikon Orashi & Fuagura Sakke.
The scallops tasted divine although I'm not really fond of the balsamic sauce. I find the sauce heavy though- imho. But there's the beef which was really delicious in its tender-melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Hello happy calories. :)

Here's another photo of the Hot Platter that shows the Gindara and the Chuck Rolls. Thick slices of grilled gindara- yum! This platter is best paired with cold Japanese beer.

Sushi Platter: Maguro, Tai, Salmon, Aji, Ika, Ikura, Unagi, Tamago & Ebi.
I think I started hyperventilating and salivating when I saw the Ikura gunkan-style on this sushi platter. Of course, I know that the other sushi are delicious as well but that orange-y bubbles just completed my night. Texture is firm and I love how each "bubble" pops inside my mouth and lends that taste that is the sea. I also had a bite of the Ebi and it was so good, firm and sweet. Thumbs up for freshness!

Makimono Platter: California Roll, Spicy Salmon & Futo Maki.
My resolved not to eat rice is really making it hard for me to have a roll or two from this makimono platter.

Tempura Platter: Shira Uo, Ebi Shinju, Uni Isobeage.
Here's another lovely take on the Tempura Platter. At first glance, I thought that the white tempura slices are onions but I was proven wrong after my first bite. It turns out that Shira Uo is a kind of white fish. Thumbs up for crunchiness. Squeezing some lemon on it also brings out the flavor. The Uni Isobeage also tastes great. I would have love to eat more of this and the fresh uni but there's still so much to sample. I was also expecting the usual ebi tempura but this fried shrimp dumpling rocks. A bit oily for my taste though, but I'll live.

Vegetable Platter: Carrots, Pumpkin, Beans & Sayote with Tarabani Sauce.
Now this is a bit confusing especially when it was served to us. We all thought that this is dessert. Wrong! This is a medley of vegetable that is jelly-fied and flavored with crab meat and tarabani sauce which tasted like soy sauce and mirin in jelly form. It does take a few spoons before one gets used to its appearance. Had I not known that Wafu is a Japanese restaurant, this dish would have me thinking that I'm dining in a French restaurant.

And lastly, here's what we had for dessert. A simple affair of apple, kiwi, and mango slices with grapes.

And because Wafu just celebrated a milestone by bringing in Chef Nobu under its fold, as well as having the freshest ingredients flown in from Japan, Wafu is highlighting is special offerings of Teppanyaki-All-You-Can-Enjoy, Ala Carte Buffet, and Wafu Happy Hour.

For only P999, enjoy a teppanyaki meal with family and friends. Skilled chefs will prepare Teppanyaki-All-You-Can-Enjoy right before your eyes. You get to choose your meats, seafood, vegetables, and Japanese fried rice.

Wafu 888 Ala Carte Buffet is a great way to experience the best of Japanese cuisine. You get to choose 1 main and have your fill of crispy tempura, salad, miso soup, and a selection of delicious rolls.

Happy Hour begins from 5pm-8pm and is only P550++ per head. Enjoy unlimited servings of Japanese streetfood such as yakitori, sashimi and rolls. You can also pair the food with unlimited draft beer or Japanese sake. Kanpai!!!

And being the visionary that he is, Bryan Tiu promises to continue in finding ways of innovating and by provising great and authentic tasting dishes to every one. 

Greenhills Shopping Center
(beside Gloria Maris)
San Juan City

the kitchen goddess

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  1. I have never been to Wafu, but I have heard alot about this restaurant. No wonder people are raving about it. Everything in your plate looks delicious.

  2. Something new to try with my family. The good thing is they have a variety of food. My eldest loves maki and sushi and surely he would enjoy the platter. My Big bunso is into shrimp tempura. Theres definitely something for everybody.

  3. The foods are mouthwatering and the appearance are really nice! I'd like to try them in the future with the family.

  4. Wow! Naglalaway ako!!! I needed to get something to eat from the fridge para di ako mainggit dito! The foods look really taste!

  5. My gosh who can say no to authentic Japanese cuisine? I'm drooling over the pictures!

  6. We've tried it there before. We tried the full course meal, it was called omakase something. We all enjoyed the food.

  7. This is near our place. I hope we can drop by soon. I'm eyeing their tempura platter and makimono platter.

  8. The dessert was presented simply but looks really fresh. And I got really curious about that vegetable platter.

  9. It's my first time to hear about Wafu. It's a little far from us. But, this looks very promising and might as well try it since price is competitive with other eat all you can restaurants.

  10. I love Japanese food but I haven't tried this restaurant yet. Ang layo kasi. I hope that they will have a branch here in the south area soon.

    1. Hi Levy, they do have another Japanese resto in Newport Mall- Ichiba Japanese Market. :)

  11. It seems like you had quite a scrumptious feast during your visit. Japanese food is always a delight to experience. I sure hope we can visit this resto one of these days.

  12. I haven't been to Wafu and I believe I am missing out! WOW on that Tempura platter

  13. First time to hear about Wafu but the food looks incredibly delicious! Will definitely check them out once we visit to Greenhills.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  14. Japanese food isn't my first pick but it's nice to know this option exists.

  15. Wow, the scallops look so yummy!

  16. Looks so good! I am all for the california maki!


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