Exploring Jalan Alor's Streetfood Market

I've been curious about the streetfood scene in Kuala Lumpur eversince I attended the World Streetfood Congress 2016 which was held in Manila last April. The flavors was really awesome and I know that it would be moreso if I go to its country of origin.

So here I am at Kuala Lumpur's famous Jalan Alor Streetfood Market (warning: don't read with an empty stomach) and having the time of my life relishing the sight and smell around me.

It was around 6pm when we arrived at Jalan Alor and the place is just waking up and getting filled with diners. Jalan Alor is the foodie destination in Kuala Lumpur. The long stretch of road is filled with hawkers, restaurants, and convenience stores. There are also food choices from neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. I've read somewhere that there's a Filipino food stall but wasn't able to see it.

Here's an interesting burger stall that sells pork-floss burgers. It was on my list of what to eat in KL but wasn't able to try it. Reason to schedule another KL foodtrip! :D

Mouthwatering pork and bacon slices. This is a popular "pasalubong" from KL. Cost is just the same if you buy it from the streetfood seller or in the mall. The one in the mall has a lovely packaging though. As for taste, I can't compare since I only tasted the ones from the mall but the sellers are nice and generous in giving a "free taste" slice.

If Baguio has Carrot-man, here in Jalan Alor they have Dimsum-man. This guy is so popular with tourist when it comes to photo-ops! He sells super huge dumplings that costs RM1.5 each. Yum!

Here's another streetfood stall with more than several choices of satays.

And here's what we ate ... after checking almost all of the food stalls.

BBQ Chicken Wings, RM3.00 each. These chicken wings are one of the most popular streetfood fare in Jalan Alor. It doesn't taste like our usual chicken bbq because of its texture is similar to that of a roast duck. The skin is crispy but the meat inside is flavorful, juicy, and tender at the same time. Skip the spicy sauce. Rice please!

Oyster Pancake, RM5.00. Taste ok but not that memorable.

Chicken and Beef Satay, RM10 for ten sticks. Love this although I find the meat pieces too tiny. I also prefer the beef satay, and it does tastes better if you soak the meat pieces in the peanut sauce.

This Phad Thai is love! Cost RM7.50. Or maybe I'm just craving for some carbs- hahaha. It has a generous amount of seafood also. It has the right spiciness for someone who's not fond of spicy food like me. But you have to tell the waiter because you might end up shedding tears while eating your phad thai. Yes, that spicy!

And here's us, while waiting for our other orders to arrive. Btw, bottled water is cheaper if you buy it in the convenience store. A liter of bottled water costs RM3.00, and we just asked for glasses.

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