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NEW RESTO ALERT: Beeffalo by Hotrocks in Antipolo

My fascination for food and anything edible and delicious led me to Antipolo last week. Actually, I was a bit hesitant to travel from Manila to Antipolo because I am afraid of getting stuck in traffic. But I love steaks and Beeffalo is kinda known for it so I found myself traveling to Antipolo with foodie-mates.

Beeffalo by Hotrocks Antipolo may be new in the area but Beeffalo is quite famous already in Marikina City.

So here's what we ate:

Tomato Soup. I haven't had tomato soup for a long time so I ordered this instead of the clam chowder which was recommended by the waiter. It was surprisingly good and not that tangy but you know that the tomato goodness is there, not to mention vitamin C! This is perfect with grilled cheese sandwich. I paired mine with a slice of pizza.

Seafood and Corn Chowder. I only have one word for this- delish! Planning to order this the next time I visit Beeffalo. This and the steak and pizza!

Ceasar Salad. The lettuce is green and crisp, and the dressing is very light so it doesn't overpower the other ingredients.

Taco Salad. I love this! I love tacos, that's why. The salad greens makes it healthier though. And what's nice is that the amount of dressing is just right. I mean, I've been served vegetable salads before that looks soggy because it had too much dressing on it. This one from Beeffalo is perfect, not to mention yummy!

Margherita Biscuit Pizza. Everyone knows how much I love pizza, especially thin-crusted pizzas but this ... OMG. Crispy and delicious, cheese-y and flavorful. Two thumbs up!

Streetfood Platter. I love isaws but between isaw and steak, I'd go for steak. But this is a nice alternative if you are already bored with too much protein.

Sizzling Beef Ribs with Tamarind Sauce. This is Beeffalo's version of sinigang. Must-try, and order tons of rice. That good!

Chicken BBQ. I didn't get to taste this though because I was already full from the salad, soup, pizza, and steak. But it looks good. And the rice looks also tempting!

T-Bone Steak with Masked Potato. I had a medium-grilled steak and it was perfect. The meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful. The mashed potato was also good, creamy and tastes wonderful.  I just wish that instead of the hickory bbq sauce that came with the steak, there's an option for other sauces. But then, the steak itself is already delish without the sauce.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. A photogenic slice of cheesecake that tasted divine. Not good for sharing because you need to enjoy the whole slice by yourself. No kidding.

And aside from serving good American food, Beeffalo is also known for its collection of vintage stuff such as old telephones, bottles, toy cars, etc. Dining at Beeffalo is both a gastronomic and visual experience.

Beeffalo by Hotrocks
M. L. Quezon Street
(infront of Antipolo Doctors Hospital)
Antipolo City

the kitchen goddess


  1. I agree, I prefer other sauces for steak. Nice to know that the steak tastes good without the hickory. I would love to try that cheesecake.

  2. Wow the foods that they serve those look really tasty! However this place is quite far from us but when we have the chance to come to this place I would love to try their resto out!

  3. I used to live in Antipolo. I miss it sooo much! Anyway, if ever I'll be in Antipolo, I will definitely try this place. Just by looking at it, I can tell the food is delish!

  4. Wow the food looks good! Ang layo lang kasi from me.

  5. Ooh, tomato soup! And then you mentioned grilled cheese! Now I want one too! Plus, I'm missing mashed potatoes and steak too. Haha! This post is making me so hungry!

  6. Yay! The food looks really yummy! Not a fan of steak but i love the salads and the cheesecake.I hope they have other branch nearby.

  7. OMG, this makes me so hungry. I'm a big meatlover so I'm sure I'll love this place. Why so far though? Sayang!

  8. If malapit lang sa amin to, will definitely visit their restaurant. Looks yummy ang Sizzling Beef Ribs and seafood platter ♥

  9. That taco salad looks heaven. I would love to have that. I wish they have one here in Cebu too. But hopefully when I get to visit near Antipolo, I would love to drop by there.

  10. Oh, the food really looks delicious especially that Taco Salad. My mother-in-law, hubby and I are hunting for good places to eat and I'm glad you posted one in Antipolo. Now, we have a new go-to place to eat after hearing mass at the Antipolo church hehe

  11. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Why, oh why, do great restaurants and food are mostly in the North!? I'm from the South btw hahahaha..

    Drooled over your photos up to the end.. well, except the last one hehehe

  12. Drooling! I can't decide which dish is the best. The veggies in the salad really look crisp while the pizza looks savoury. I can't ignore the isaw too!

  13. Yummy!Love the taco salad! Now, I want to go to Antipolo! :)

  14. Ahhh the taco salad! I would brave heavy traffic for food too! Hahaha! As long as guaranteed masarap kahit traffic, go lang ng go! Hahaha!

  15. Ang sarap naman ng post na ito! I am always on a look out for a great fresh salad. That truly is enticing, sana makarating na ako ng Antipolo. :)

  16. T-Bone Steak for the win! I'm sure the hubby and kids would love that. Hmm, haven't tried going to Antipolo with kids...Maybe here's a good reason to bring them :)

  17. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Oooh, when we went to the Knorr event, we were told that sizzling sinigang is actually a hit in many restos. And since I don't really get to go to a lot of restos nowadays (because it's hard to always discuss why we're not eating at Jollibee all the time, haha), this is the first time I've read of a resto that actually serves it.

  18. I love it best when i read post on new restaurants and food as i get to learn more recipes and also of places to bring my boys. This restaurant is no exception and something i find my boys and i having our lunch. Thank you for the share.

  19. Wow! That's good to know that there is a nice restaurant offering such tasty treat! I love your pics.. Looks so tempting!

  20. Wow! They look so tempting! Haven't been to Antipolo but at least I have now the reason to visit. Looking forward to enjoy the Dulce de leche cheesecake! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Everything looks yum and that bike on the wall is such an eye candy. I would definitely check this out if ever we venture in Antipolo one of these days


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