NEW RESTO ALERT: Chef Laudico’s Feasts

words and photos by: Vance Madrid of Ang Takaw Ko blog. 

When celebrity power chefs Rolando Laudico and Jacqui Laudico thought of opening up restaurant in Pampanga, well meaning friends discouraged them to do so. It is common knowledge that Kapampangans are known to be the best cooks in the country as Pampanga is the food capital of the Philippines. You can contest the other claims, but even the country’s top chefs said so. Pampanga has a whole cornucopia of culinary delights, from colonial to folk to exotic. This gift can be traced back to their access to the friar’s kitchen, their land’s plentiful harvests and perhaps all the calamities they’ve been through have taught them to improvise. So one may wonder why the Laudico’s decided to open their latest restaurant called Chef Laudico’s Feast at SM City Clark. “We do not choose the place. It’s the place that chooses us,” explains Chef Lau. 

“As professional chefs, we consider it a challenge to cook for people regardless of what most connoisseurs would think. We’re expanding and we hope people would appreciate what we please ourselves with, and let them try what we think is good,” he adds.

Chef Laudico’s Feast is different from what we offer at Guevarra’s. Our chefs here are all genuine Kapampangan and we believe we didn’t call them the culinary capital for nothing. This restaurant is more global as we also offer international and Asian dishes like Korean and Japanese cuisines aside from well-loved Filipino dishes. Chef Laudico’s Feast also takes pride that they cook their dishes from the scratch. “Here you’re going to experience great food without MSG, enhancing flavours without shortcuts. We’ve been doing this since the very beginning and we want to promote real flavours. We work with suppliers to achieve this and promote the fiesta culture by using the freshest ingredients where everyone is a friend and we want our guests to experience that.”

One of our companions had a small infant and although she did not specifically requested for a high chair, the staff immediately saw this need and squeezed in a highchair that allowed room for the child to eat on his own. 
Chef Laudico’s Feast is one of the many contenders of the Eat All You can craze that hit the country. One thing you’ll notice at Chef Laudico’s Feast was the ornaments and the festive set up that’s very Filipino. It felt like coming home to your ancestral home but with food stations well organized. With the ceiling designed with colourful buntings from fiesta and walls with banig (local mat) along with intricately designed capiz chandelier, the restaurant exudes a homey ambiance.

They’ve got some 200++ seating capacity with some optional seating for those who smoke outside. They also have really comfy chairs which adds up to the homey ambiance, making one feel at home right away.
At Chef Laudico’s Feast, the food offered in buffet are presented in a different way because one chafing dish had two different viands. Some are also styled vertically because they’d want to offer as much food and maximize the space. Every dish were cooked differently and taste wise, they’re really good! 
Once seated, one is treated to a wide array of sweets, meats, bread, pasta, sushi and sashimi, chowder, and salad. So bring you big-sized thirst and hunger for Chef Laudico’s Feast will fill the need. 
Be sure to check out the food tables. From there, you could plan your snack attack, be it a breakfast or light brawl, lunch munch or dinner devouring. As for me, I would usually get something which I can’t cook at home or would get something really expensive like fresh bounties from the sea like crabs and shrimps. I would suggest that you get a piece of two of the items you crave for. Then go back in queue for your favourites. Chef Laudico’s Feast offers you an extensive selection of dishes to choose from, as well as juices and Pepsi products to wash down our meal. Lining up for Chef Laudico’s Lechon Belly (it’s damn good, you wouldn’t want to miss it!), Angus Tapa (well marinated and fork tender) and Angus Roast Beef (melt-in-your-mouth Angus goodness!) is always a pleasure. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out and try their grilled tuna (they’re the best I’ve had in years) and Korean staple, Japchae. They also have a great selection of sushi and maki which are done right before your very eyes. 
I was also surprised they’ve got an awesome seafood chowder. Normally, when dining at Buffets, I stay away from liquids to make more room for my tummy as I didn’t want it to get too filled up on fluids and feel bloated whilst pigging out…err…sampling the dishes. But this time, the chowder is something I couldn’t resist.
A word of caution: Do not take more than you can eat. Like all other eat all you can, that means leftover are frowned upon especially if there are big portions left on your plate. 
Chef Laudico’s Feast is definitely the newest must-try dining destination when you’re around the Clark Pampanga area. For Kapampangans who live nearby and are curious about what Chef Laudico’s can offer, be sure to come and check it out. As for me, I wouldn’t mind driving all the way to Clark in order to have a wonderful meal at Chef Laudico’s—because I can assure you, it’s going to be worth it. 
Chef Laudico’s Feast rates are as follows:
Lunch rates on Mondays to Fridays
Adults:  499.00
Kids: 249.00
Dinner rates on Mondays to Fridays
Adults:  599.00
Kids :299.00

Weekends and Holidays
Adults: 699.00
Kids: 349.00

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