The Kitchen Goddess' Top Twelve Restaurant Picks for 2019

It's that time of the year again and looking at my expanding waistline, I am quite happy with my annual restaurant picks which seem to have grown from ten to twelve. I know, I know ... I should have added more but let's stick to twelve for now. ;)

I've included some restaurants that I've dined at during my travels this year which really made an impression on my tummy. As a foodie, I believe that taste should go hand in hand with the memories created when you ate that dish.

Btw, I don't want to play favorites so I'll just make my list in alphabetical order:

I am crazily salivating over 8 Cuts' Onion Rings! The burgers tastes good also but I really, really love their onion rings which I never fail to order whenever we dine at the resto. And I used to hate onion rings because (let's not get into that) the one's I've tasted here in Manila were not that memorable.

We got reacquainted with Duck & Buvette again when we happen to visit Shangri-La Plaza more than a couple of times last year. It used to be Cafe Provencale years ago but they have since rebranded. We love the duck and the beef with mashed potato. Good for sharing portions also. A bit pricey but really, really worth the price-yness. ;)

From onion rings, I am excited to fly again to Kuala Lumpur and have a bite of Grandmama's Nasi Ayam Istimewa. This has got to be my crispiest and juiciest fried chicken that I've tasted in KL and just the mere thought of it makes me want to eat at Grandmama's again. Food serving is also huge so even if it's a bit pricey, it is worth the price. There are many exciting dishes on their menu so I think I am definitely going back to taste more.

Should you happen to travel to Japan, don't forget to dine at Ichiran! This is one of the most popular ramen house that is always full. Pro tip- be an hour or two early for lunch or dinner or go there around 9pm. This is a self-service restaurant where you choose your order on a vendo machine and pay it there also. Don't worry, the machine is quite easy to use.

Kam's Roast is another family favorite last 2019. We always order the noodles and pair it with pork char siu. I can literally eat that for one straight week if possible.

For steak lovers but doesn't want to splurge, I suggest dining at Mad Mark's. Hefty portions that doesn't cost an arm and leg but quite good. I suggest ordering their ice-cream also. And after dining, you'll be able to say- "What madness is this?"

The Japanese are known for presenting visually appealing delicious dishes and Matsuya in Singapore is a perfect example. I discovered it early last year during our unplanned trip to the Merlion City but I haven't blogged about it. Oh my! Hahaha.

Ooma's Hanger Steak keeps us salivating! The steak sits on top of mashed sweet potato which I think is perfect for the juicy steak. Other dishes are equally delish also. And the best part, if you have the Moment Group card, you get a discount. Haha, this is not a sponsored post. My daughter is really a fan of Moment Group of restaurants.

Paul Salon de Thé is not really a new restaurant discovery for us but we have gotten reacquainted with it again since we've been frequenting Power Plant Mall more often last year. It's quite nice to dine at Paul's since it looks posh and a bit pricey compared with other restaurants. But the food tastes great especially the breads. This is also a nice restaurant to treat your family or friends. ;)

It may seem like your usual restaurant but dining at Pho Hoa but you'll be amazed that most items on the menu tastes good. We love the food at Pho Hoa but what really stands out for us is their spring roll. Yum!

Another nice restaurant discovery this year is Putien in KL Pavilion Mall which also happen to be near Grandmama's. Actually, I haven't heard of Putien until after I saw some blogger friends attending the first branch opening in Podium Mall. Luckily, I was in KL that time and Putien was right in front of me. Food is super good and very filling. I even ordered a fried chicken take-away which I lovingly tucked inside my checked-in bag- hahaha.

Who can resist lechon belly? Qu4dros happens to be just a few steps away from our hotel in Dumaguete City but we only discovered it on our last day- boo hoo hoo! Crunchy pork skin and tender and flavorful meat really pairs well with rice and extra rice. Discovering this was one of the highlights of our Dumaguete trip last year.

And there ends The Kitchen Goddess' Top Twelve Restaurant Picks for 2019 and I am looking forward to many food adventures this year- 2020. Bon appetite!

Special shoutout to Shake Shack in BGC. You really made our snack memorable when one of your staff surprised us with a literally cool Ube Milk Shake for free. Thank you, thank you. Great customer service!