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Foodies Heaven at Tasty Feast Shangri-La Plaza

Foodies of all ages will savor the exciting culinary choices at Shangri-La Plaza's- Tasty Feast which runs from August 17-21 at the Grand Atrium. 

The food event is a gathering not only of foodies but of restaurants and food community- StrEAT Market and Let's Eat Pare. 

Here's what to expect at #TastyFeastAtTheShang

Salmon HQ and Sumo Sam. For that Japanese sushi and sashimi cravings. Salmon HQ also has salmon cakes and other delightful salmon creations. Did I mention they have uni also? 

If you're salivating for buttermilk fried chicken and corn bread or angus beef sliders and potato hay, there's Kettle and Tender Bob's. 

Moving on to a paella feast, pizza, and pretzels at Wobbly Pan, Yellow Cab, and Auntie Anne's. Wobbly Pan's paella is so good! 

Satisfy your potato chips cravings or truffle popcorn at Aroma, and pair it with fruit juice from Better Blend or coffee from Brew

If you want something new and tasty, I suggest an order of poke tacos by The Blue Apron. Think Mexican and Japanese fusion. Or just tacos at Pancake House

There's also the cute-looking Xiao's Bao, or a taste of Korean street food at Oppa Foods. Corndog and fishcakes please! 

For those who prefer power meals, there's Palm Grill, Mapishi, and Bel's Kitchen. Pro tip- Mapishi has delicious biryani, an authentic Swahili feast!

Of course, there's also something for those keen on a healthy diet- Life Bowl's. And an assortment of bread and pastry choices- Monzelle Confectionery, The Bug's Knife, BUNappetite (they have coffee also), and must not forget the pasalubong corner at Corazon

And last but not the least, takoyaki at Tako Bar Manila, and pasta and coffee at Cafe Lyon

Tasty Feast at Shangri-La Plaza runs from August 17-21, 2022 at the malls Grand Atrium. See you there!


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