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NEW RESTO ALERT: Malongo Atelier Barista

I know I said it already, but I will say it again ... the coffee game in the metro is strong, and getting stronger. 

Malongo Atelier Barista just opened a branch in the heart of Makati- yey! The first one is in BGC but the location is a bit far from the usually explored area. 

We ordered Coffee Frappe and Viennese Coffee plus a serving of Kouign Aman. 

Malongo's Coffee Frappe can't be compared to the frappe of that popular chain of coffeeshop. Really, this one is pure coffee frappe bliss that you can actually taste the freshly grind coffee. It does lack sweetness but of course, that can be adjusted. 

Viennese Coffee is a totally different experience. Think Christmas minus the sprinkles! Hahaha. Super love the Viennese coffee, I had it served hot but it can also had as a cold drink. 

The Kouign Aman was also good and it does pair well with the coffee. 

I'll rave about Malongo's beans because it is super good. Perfectly roasted and doesn't have that acidic taste. They also sell beans (and even tea leaves), coffee accessories, etc at the store. And guess what, you can also buy legit Blue Mountain beans here but it is also legit expensive. However, you can also have a cup of that HG Blue Mountain at Malongo. The staff that I talked to suggested to have it brewed via syphon method to really draw out the flavor. Will try that soon!

147 Legazpi Street
Legazpi Village, Makati City


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