NEW RESTO ALERT: Elephant Grounds

We've been frequenting The Podium after the lockdown has eased its restrictions last year and Elephant Grounds has been one of our favorite restaurant discovery. 

We were looking for a nice place to have coffee and dessert so we ended up at Elephant Grounds. I think we also wanted to dine here but the tables were full so we went to another restaurant. 

Elephant Grounds is a specialty coffeeshop that was founded in Hong Kong. Aside from the usual espresso, there are several coffee choices here. 

We had French Vanilla and Salted Caramel lattes on our first visit and both are so memorable that we scheduled another round. 

But it was during our second visit when we discovered affogato and waffle. OMG moment for us. And we're hooked- line and sinker! 

The affogato was so creamy and rich. Perfect blend of gelato and espresso. 

And the waffle was the perfect coffee companion. Portion is good for sharing BUT it was so delish, you'll regret if you share! hahaha

Elephant Grounds also serve food that's perfect for lunch or dinner. 

Level 1, The Podium Mall
ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 

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