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NEW RESTO ALERT: Savoy Cafe Boracay

Going to Boracay is not just swimming and enjoying the view. It also means enjoying the food that Boracay has to offer.

We stayed at Savoy Hotel Boracay early this month and we enjoyed the breakfast buffet and service at Savoy Cafe, and at the cocktails at Chambery poolside bar. 

Savoy Cafe Boracay's breakfast buffet choices may not be as extensive as what the hotel buffets here in Manila has to offer but the food selections will be appreciated by guests with different food preferences. 

Savoy Cafe changes some of the breakfast selections daily so don't expect that there's bacon every day. Drinks such as juice, tea, and coffee are also part of the buffet spread. 

Aside from the tables inside Savoy Cafe, guests can also dine al fresco near the poolside. 

Savoy Cafe serves food a la carte during lunch and dinner. They also have ice-cream by Manila Creamery. 

There's also a bar conveniently located as soon as you enter Savoy Cafe. 

CHAMBERY Poolside Bar

Since we woke up early for the sunrise, all of us decided to just lounged around the pool after having a hearty brunch. We planned to swim but it rained a bit and the water was too cold. Luckily, there's Chambery so we ordered cocktails, yogurt drink, and potato wedges. 


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