TKGEats at Boracay Part 5

After months of planning, Cousins in Boracay pushed thru. Beginning the foodcation by having brunch at Savoy Cafe Boracay. We arrived earlier than check-in time so instead of going out to D'Mall, we all decided to just chill at Savoy Cafe and have brunch. 

The cafe was still a bit full, I guess most guests decided to go down for brunch instead of an early breakfast. We chose a table with a nice view of the pool. Staff was friendly and pampered us with coffee, tea, juice, etc. We love it! 

After a quick siesta in the afternoon, we boarded the hotel shuttle van and found ourselves on the way to D'Mall. From there, we hailed an e-trike (which my cousin fondly called a tuktuk) who drove us to Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast in Station 3. 

We had an early dinner at Giuseppe's, had a table near the entrance so that we have an unobstracted view of the sunset. It was an amazing first day at Boracay. We were surprised upon learning that our cousin in Canada was footing the bill. Yey! Time to order more food, hahaha. We also witnessed a great sunset as we were having dessert and coffee. 

We had early buffet breakfast at Savoy Cafe the following morning after our 'Sunrise' and 'Keyhole' tour. After taking a short nap and freezing swim at the Newcoast Beach, we all convened at Chambery Poolside Bar. We're supposed to swim BUT it rained and the water was so cold that sipping cocktails is a nice alternative. 

Our early dinner was at Gloria's Kitchen in Station 1. We joined the shuttle going to D'Mall but went down instead in Station B, and from there took a short tuktuk ride near the beach front of Station 1. It was an hour before sunset so while waiting for our food (seafood + isaw), a cousin and I went for a dip. What happened was an invigorating swim and that led to a seafood feast. We didn't order any meat except for the isaw. Yum! 

Went back for another dip and sat on the sand to just stare at the star-strewn sky was a cool experience. Then it was time for another round of drinks- this time at the just opened Chiringuito by Barcino located at Station B. Had we been in our prime, I think we'd be staying until closing time but still went back to the hotel late in the evening. We just hailed a tuktuk to bring us to the hotel since it's far to go to D'Mall to join the shuttle van. 

Come morning, we all had breakfast buffet (again) at Savoy Cafe. I just had a quick bite and coffee because I had plans to go back to Station 1 and swim. 

I love swimming in Station 1 because the sea is calm. Also, I was on the lookout for 'taho' but didn't see any vendor. 

Since I had an early breakfast, I was a bit hungry by 1030AM so decided to look for food. Was supposed to try takoyaki but the resto opens at 11AM. Ended up at Muchos and got to try the tacos and horchata. Still early for the shuttle van going back to the hotel so went to Heidiland (think Santi's but in Boracay), had a sandwich made and bought some pasalubongs for the hubby and jamon for a cousin. 

Took a nap upon arriving at the hotel then off to Station 1 again for a swim. I think I have a hidden dream of becoming a swimmer! I swam/walk from Station 1 to Station 3. Haha, no kidding. But it was a much welcome swimsercise because we're having dinner at Sababi Paluto. Yum yum yum! 

This Boracay trip is more of a foodtrip than swimming actually! My cousins went back for another round at Chiringuito but I decided to go back to the hotel and pack since I have an early morning flight. 

Breakfast before flying back to Manila is my Heidiland sandwich and coffee from Bluesmith. 

Will there be a Part 6 soon? Stay tuned!