Ginza Lion Beer Hall Un, Deux, Trois!

 TKGEats at Ginza Lion Beer Hall

This is a nice discovery, thanks to my growling tummy. My daughter and I were supposed to meet for breakfast but for some reason, she took the wrong train so I was stuck at Ginza. It was also almost lunchtime and I espied a long line in one of the buildings so the curious and hungry cat followed the line and was transported to a Harry Potter-ish dining hall- Ginza Lion Beer Hall.

Most of the diners are locals, so that means I'm in good hands. They also have a very extensive menu so I was confused on what to get before I zeroed in on spaghetti. Yes, I ordered spaghetti in a beer hall, and in Tokyo. Haha!

Here's my lovely plate (platter?) of spaghetti. That's a solo order which is actually good for sharing. 

Totemo oishidesu !!! This is definitely THE BEST spaghetti that I've tried. 

The noodles are perfectly cooked, then there's sausages and bacon, and mushrooms and bell pepper. Oishiiiii !!! The tomato sauce doesn't have that cloying tomato-taste. There's also a bottle of parmesan cheese and habanero sauce. 

Daughter arrived and had some of the spaghetti. We also ordered fries because we still have a late lunch schedule somewhere in Omotesando. Fries taste okay, nothing exceptional. 

Our fascination with Ginza Lion's spaghetti didn't just end there. Daughter had another round the following week, this time with her friend. The ordered the spaghetti that I was hardselling to her friend. Haha for that. But glad that her friend liked it. They also had an order of squid ceviche. 

And third time's a charm because before flying back to Manila, we stayed at Hotel Sunroute Ginza and of course, I just have to have my plate of spaghetti again at Ginza Lion Beer Hall.

Aside from the good food, I mean spaghetti. I've only been eating spaghetti here, Ginza Lion Beer Hall is a must-visit for architecture or history buffs. From what I've read on the internet, this place has been in existence since the early 1930s (or even earlier). Amazing, right? And is the 'oldest' beer hall in Japan. There are also mosaics inside so be sure to check that. The place can get crowded during peak hours who you need to plan your visit if you want to admire the place.

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