TKGEats at Pho Hoa Shangri-La Plaza

After a month of immersing in Japanese cuisine and culture, I'm back in Manila and excited to visit my favorite restaurants. I'm not quite sure how we end up going to Shangri-La Plaza but I was excited to dine at the newly renovated Pho Hoa

If you're a Shangri-La Plaza regular, you know that Pho Hoa is one of the most popular and longtime fixture at the 6th level, and that it used to be a tiny space with tables and chairs outside its perimeter but even if it's full, diners are willing to wait because the food tastes consistent thru the years. Thumbs up for that!

The newly renovated Phoa retains the original location and has an extension at the former site of the nearby bookstore which is quite huge. Wow! I also love the new and vibrant colors. 

And being creatures of habit that we are, hubby and I ordered our favorites: Com Tom Thit Nuong  and Bun Thit Nuong with Cha Gio. We had coffee already so we just had water. Had I known we'd be dining at Pho Hoa, I'd be ordering the Vietnamese coffee. 

Com Tom Thit Nuong is a set meal with Grilled Pork Phop and Prawns. Yummy! This is hubby's default order. I mean, surf and turf! 

And here's my Bun Thit Nuong with Cha Gio. I love bun thit nuong because it's a cold noodle salad with proteins. This is their small size but if you're not a heavy eater like me, this serving is good for sharing. This salad is also perfect for hot summer days, or on those days when it feels like summer. 

This is the original location of Pho Hoa. Btw, Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese restaurant if you haven't eaten here yet. Although the taste is not as 'herby' as the food in Vietnam, taste is 'close' to the authentic ones. 

Can't wait for the next round here. 


6L Shangri-La Plaza
Mandaluyong City