Evening Pancakes at Kohikan in Asakusa

It was winter in Tokyo and we just had a late dinner of ramen somewhere near Donki in Asakusa BUT a meal is not complete without coffee. We didn't find a coffee shop nearby so we ended up at Kohikan near Senso-ji Temple. 

Aside from coffee, Kohikan serves pancakes all-day. Not the fluff-kind though, just the old-fashioned pancake that we grew up with. But it was good! And what's coffee with pancakes, right?

Btw, the place looks small from the outside but it was spacious when we went in. 

Kohikan is also known for its charcoal roasted coffee beans or sumiyaki. You should try or get hold of sumiyaki if you happen to visit Japan. It's really, really good! 

They also serve siphon coffee. 

And here's the famous Kohikan pancakes! Oishii!!!!!!