Brunch at Tricolore Ginza

TKGEats At Tricolore Ginza

Ginza is not just a posh shopping district in Tokyo. In fact, Ginza has a lot of other charms that includes quaint restaurants (such as Ginza Lion Beer Hall), bars, and cafes. 

While searching for a nice place to have brunch, we came across Tricolore Ginza. Actually, we're supposed to try a different restaurant but it won't open until 11AM (and it's just 9AM!) and we're feeling a bit hungry so we entered Tricolore Ginza. It was raining outside so waiting inside the warm cafe is a better alternative to walking under the rain and having breakfast at 711 or Family Mart or Lawson. 

I have to mention though that the cafe was already full when we arrived (and it was 10AM Saturday). Upon checking the waiting list, we found out that we're second on the list so we didn't mind waiting. Except that we didn't expect that most of the diners ahead of us just came in also. But it was worth the long wait (roughly 30mins). 

We're also keen to try the coffee. Do our Tokyo Coffee Crawl Part 1

The mâitre d' took our orders (they do have a limited choice for breakfast though) so we didn't wait that long when we were led to our table. It would've been nice to sit on the bar area but it was still occupied. 

I have to mention that Tricolore Ginza is a pre-war coffeeshop that's been around since 1936. It is one of the coffeeshop to go to if you want to have that old glamour experience. Aside from breakfast, Tricolore Ginza serves pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and more coffee and is open till early evening only. 

We both got the Morning Set. It has toast, salad greens, butter & strawberry jam, and coffee. I chose Coffee with Milk (House Blend) for my set, while my daughter got the Toarco Toraja coffee

The serving portion of toast may look small on the photo but it was a filling breakfast, including the salad. I love the tomatoes, so fresh and juicy! I'm not much into jam but it's good also. 

My coffee tasted like sumiyaki (or charcoal-roasted) since it has a certain smokiness to it. I like it but not that memorable. 

My daughter also got an order of Savarin Orange which tastes perfect with my coffee (House Blend). Savarin Orange is a liquor pastry similar to a cream puff but whole, with cream on top and slivers of candied candied orange peel. 

This is the Toarco Toraja coffee blend. It has an earthy-rich taste, but not that strong, and with hints of chocolate notes and smooth tasting. We thought at first that this coffee will pair well with the Savarin Orange but no, the flavors clashed with each other. But the coffee is quite good, maybe paired with just a regular sandwich. 

Tricolore Ginza has a very nice facade, and even if it was raining, we saw a lot of diners (and non-diners) taking photos outside. Of course, we can't resist having our taken also. ;) 

Tricolore Ginza is patronized mostly by locals but there's a handful of adventurous tourists also (and maybe expats). 

5 Chome-9-17 Ginza
Chuo City, Tokyo

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