RECIPE: TKG's Wagyu Pasta with Clara Ole Sauce

We regularly cook pasta at home because it is so easy to prepare, and falls under the 30 minutes recipe / cooking time. Pasta itself is an all-around dish that you can mix and match with almost any ingredients- from meat to seafood, veggies, even fruits! 

For sauce, if I have enough time and have ingredients on hand, I make it but whenever there's a craving and you want a quick pasta-fix, there's Clara Ole. 

I'm a fan of Clara Ole Filipino Style Pasta Sauce because it's not sour as compared to tomato sauce. I find the sauce flexible to use also, not just with pasta dishes. 

For my recipe, I've prepared here Wagyu Pasta which has a similar taste to Stroganoff. Also, when I cook pasta, I make use of what ingredients we have on the fridge and pantry.


Wagyu Strips 150g
Farmer's Ham 50g (optional)
Black Olives 1 tbsp
Linguine Pasta 200g 
Clara Ole Filipino Style Sauce
Cheese (I used Fontina)
Olive Oil 
Chili Flakes
Dried Basil 
Water or White Wine


1. Boil the pasta till almost al dente; remove water and set aside.
2. In a pan, cook in oil the beef strips, shredded ham and sliced olives in low heat.
3. Add basil and chili flakes.
4. Pour the Clara Ole sauce and add some water (or wine) to remove the clumps.
5. Add a pat of butter.
6. Add salt if needed.
7. Allow the sauce to boil a bit.
8. Mix the pasta in the sauce.
9. Add the shredded cheese.  and let it settle for about 2-3 minutes, making sure it won't dry. 
10. Let the pasta settle in the sauce for about 2-3 minutes, make sure it doesn't dry though.
11. Transfer in a serving dish.
12. Bon appetit! 

PS. Thank you to Let's Eat Pare and Clara Ole for sending me a pack of Clara Ole Sauces. This was part of the raffle they did related to International Pasta Day 2023.