Early Bird Tikoy Offer at The Manila Hotel

This year's Chinese New Year will usher in the Dragon, and it is always an auspicious way to begin the year by gifting family and friends with tikoy.

Nian Gao a.k.a. tikoy is not only a yummy CNY cake but it also symbolizes prosperity and good luck. So the more you receive (and eat) tikoy, then you'll have more luck and prosperity. ;)

The Manila Hotel is offering handmade tikoy and you can get an exclusive discount if you pre-order from January 20-31, guests can enjoy 30% discount on 5 boxes or more. Then from February 1-11, guests can avail of the 10% discount; and 20% on purchases of 20 boxes or more. Orders may be redeemed from February 1-11, 2024. 

The Manila Hotel's tikoy is priced at P1,288 per box. 

For inquiries and reservations: +632 85270011 / +632 53015500
email- restaurantsrsvn@themanilahotel.com