Three Kings Dinner at Duck & Buvette

We just came for coffee but ended up having dinner at Duck & Buvette. 

Duck & Buvette is one of our go-to restaurant when we happen to be in Shangri-La Plaza. We have so many food memories here. 

For coffee, we ordered Cappuccino. This is a hot cup of love. 

And coffee ice-cream called Black Cat Analog. This.Is.So.Good! The coffee taste is not too strong BUT you know it's there. 

Ordered another favorite- Angus Meatballs. Grilled meatballs that you can pair with pasta, bread, or even rice. In our case, we paired it with the mashed potato that came with the beef brisket. 

8 Hour Angus Brisket. This has been my favorite since they rebranded from Cafe Provencale to Duck & Buvette. Super tender meat served with mashed potato. I love the mashed potato here. 

PS. The steak and the crispy duck confit at Duck & Buvette is also equally good! 

Duck & Buvette
2L Shangri-La Plaza Main Wing
Mandaluyong City