TKGEats at Musashi-Maru

Musashi-Maru, one of our favorite Japanese restaurant is conveniently located at the Japanese Town in Glorietta. This Japanese restaurant offers a wide array of dishes that ranges from yakitori to sashimi to ramen, and a whole lot more. 

I have to admit that there's still a lot of dishes we haven't tried at Musashi-Maru because we almost always order the same ones. And why not? Because oishii desu ne! 

Some of our favorite include:

Salmon Sashimi is very seldom absent when we dine at Japanese restaurants. This is of course packed with rich omega 3 fatty acids which is healthy. Then there's the Agedashi Tofu that my daughter love. Soft silken tofu, lightly fried and placed on a bed of grated radish. Yum! Moving on to another favorite, the spicy crispy shrimps. This is really, really good and perfect if you pair it with sake or a cold glass of Asahi beer. 

And because we love salmon and spicy food, we also ordered spicy salmon. Another favorite is the tuna karaage. Chunks of tuna in batter. I prefer squeezing some lemon on the tuna instead of the tartar sauce it comes with. Or maybe a dash of togarashi powder so that added spice. 

Serving portions are good for sharing especially if you're ordering several dishes. Then you can just order gohan or in our case, we ordered  the udon soup set which comes with rice and pickled vegetables.

Top of the Glo, Japan Town
Glorietta 2, Makati City