Special Dinner at Emilia: House of Filipino Food

A special celebration deserves a sumptuous feast. 

A dear friend celebrated her milestone birthday with an intimate dinner at Emilia: House of Filipino Food in San Miguel, Manila. 

Since it was just a family affair with a few friends thrown in, the restaurant set-up was just a long table. It was quite nice, actually. 

The ordered tons of food, all delicious! I wasn't able to take lots of pictures though because I was busy eating, hahaha.

The Kare-Kare was very memorable. Tender beef and tripe, savory. It has a thick sauce though so don't expect a 'soupy' kare-kare version. But it tasted so good that you'll regret if you don't order na extra rice for this. 

Then there's the Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet which was a crowd favorite amongst the guests. I'm not really into Sweet & Sour but the one they served at Emilia's taste okay for me. It doesn't have that cloying sweet/sour taste. 

Another memorable dish for me was the Chicken Wings with Teriyaki Sauce. Perfectly crispy with juicy meat. Yum! 

They also ordered Chopsuey, Pansit Bihon, Adobong Kang Kong, Sinigang, etc. Plus lechon from Elar's, which has corkage fee, of course. For drinks, the House Blend Iced Tea was a popular choice. Really good iced tea!

For dessert, we had Buko Pandan, and shared the birthday cakes. 

Overall, it was a memorable birthday dinner at Emilia's and I can't wait to go back for another round. 

And did I mention that Emilia is located in one of the century-old houses near Malacanan? Even the interiors exude that old Manila-glam! Best to dress-up when you visit Emilia: House of Filipino Food because the place is so Instagrammable! 


Emilia: House of Filipino Food
934 Gen. Solano Street,
San Miguel, Manila