TKGEats at Singapore Part 2

My second trip to Singapore was quite memorable. Not only because I am traveling with my daughter but because it suddenly became a 'work' trip for me. We did a Singapore foodcrawl! And the best part, we got to dine at restaurants for free. 

This was actually a project with an SG-based company. I was given a list of restaurants to visit plus food allowance. They also made a list of the food that I was supposed to eat. How hard can that be, right?

So, for four whole days, we only have an eating-spree on our agenda. From breakfast to dinner, we ate at cheap to expensive restaurants. And I still find it surprising how we managed to make a quick detour to IMM in Jurong East. Haha, #IYKYK 

First stop was at Barcook. It is a store that sells freshly baked breads, pastries and take-away coffee and other drinks. We got to taste different kinds of savory and sweet breads. Barcook is similar to BreadTalk. 

From there, we walked to Teh Tarik Time in Circular Road. It was a bit of a walk, but we stopped for a bit at St. Andrew's Cathedral, then moved on to Clarke Quay till we reached our next stop. Teh Tarik Time is a restaurant that serves Indian-Muslim and Malay dishes and is famous for its dosas and satays. The food here is so good! We even got to eat mutton curry here. We also got to meet the owner and upon learning why we're ordering so much food when there's only two of us, he ordered his staff to give us more food. Oh my! He also mentioned that we owns a restaurant that serves chili-crabs in Clarke Quay and that we should visit that also and he'll treat us to a free meal. Yey! 

But what's truly memorable at Teh Tarik Time was that we got introduced to how dosa was made, the different kinds of dosas, and other Indian-Muslim and Malay dishes that they're serving. And yes, we also ordered iced cold teh. It was not included on our list but we need to drink, right?

We started early the following day and since we're feeling hot, we bought some boba from KOI Thé. This is a Taiwanese bubble-tea shop in Paya Leybar. 

Next stop was at Kko Kko Nara in in Tanjong Pagar. This is a Korean restaurant popular for its Budae Jjigae. The flavors was quite amazing and spicy. But we love spicy food so that's good. I also remember getting chicken wings and tons of other dishes that we only got to taste a bit because after making rounds of several restaurants already, eating doesn't appeal to us anymore. 

We also went to Salted Plum, this is a cocktail bar in Clarke Quay but not operational as of date. 

Then it was fine dining time at Matsuya Singapore, a sushi bar and omakase. The place was run by Chef Benson and his son, which we got to meet and see them prepare the food themselves. This resto was quite expensive for a regular tourist but WOW! If you need to splurge or want to make your SG dining experience memorable, you dine at Matsuya. We ordered different kinds of chirashis and bentos and sushis.

I think we also ate Nasi Lemak somewhere in Geylang, and visited the Frog Porridge restaurant but I got cold-feet when I saw an aquarium full of jumping frogs. Kermitttttt !!!!!

Btw, this was a long overdue post as this particular trip happened on January 2019 when daughter was still on a school holiday. That was pre-pandemic days. I know we went to a lot of restaurants but I can't seem to recall the name of the other places. Note to self: Look for old photos! I'll just update this post so be sure to visit again. 

NB.: I was also invited to extend my stay for the project but we need to go home. Looking forward to the next project.