Jollibee Iced Mocha, Latest Addition to Jollibee Coffee Blends

Now's the perfect time for Jollibee to launch its latest addition to Jollibee Coffee Blends - Jollibee Iced Mocha! 

Using 100% Arabica beans, Jollibee Iced Mocha is made with freshly brewed coffee and is now mixed with creamy chocolate for that perfect mood-boosting indulgent coffee.

This all-new Iced Mocha has that rich taste of freshly brewed coffee and creamy chocolate.

"More than that kick of caffeine, we now usually drink coffee for that mood-boosting feeling, and Jollibee's new Iced Mocha is all about giving you the 2 contrasting experiences of rich, freshly brewed coffee and creamy chocolate, blended perfectly for that much-needed coffee break vibe," said Luis Berba, Marketing Director of Jollibee. "It's more than just a drink- it's an experience that offers a deliciously rich blend of chocolate and coffee to elevate your mood."

Jollibee Iced Mocha is available in regular and large sizes. There's also the new Iced Mocha Float, for those who prefer a more indulgent coffee. These are crafted for Filipino's sweet coffee preference. Priced starting at P60 for Iced Mocha, and P75 for the Iced Coffee Float. This newest Jollibee offering is available starting today, April 24.