TKGEats at Singapore Part 3

This is my first trip to Singapore post-pandemic and my agenda is to eat. Hahaha, I'm serious. I miss Singaporean food that I did a foodcrawlsg during my five day stay while the hubby is attending a seminar.

As soon as we arrived at Changi Terminal 1, I excitedly explored Jewel. It's my first time at Jewel Changi because the last time I visited SG, it wasn't open yet. So many exciting shops to see, and of course, the food choices! There's also a Don Don Donki at the basement if you want to shop for Japanese noms and whatnots. 

First stop was at Old Chang Kee for some obster roll and mini sausage which I paired with fresh watermelon shake from the nearby stall. Yum! I also wanted to dine at KFC (yes, KFC) but the line was longish so I'm saving that for later. 

After checking in, I went to the hawker area in Geylang and had roasted chicken at Teik Kee Geylang. It's one of the popular stalls being patronized by locals so I know I'm in good hands. Good decision. Teik Kee is known for serving traditional chicken rice. For drink, I bought milk from the 711 nearby. Hubby ordered fish porridge for himself. Then a few minutes after midnight, we ate truffles from Laderach since it is hubby's birthday-salubong. I bought the Laderach at Jewel Changi. Laderach is a Swiss Chocolatier brand. A bit expensive than Lindt but it's nice to indulge once in a while. 

We did the touristy Chinatown run and had lunch at Nanyang Old Coffee for hubby's birthday. I already visited this kopitiam during my very first trip to SG and I had a memorable meal then so I wanted to go for another round. Then later in the day, we had some Thai chicken bbq and Thai grilled sausages in a food park. For dinner, we had Vietnamese food at An La Ghien in Geylang. We ordered stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork and fresh spring rolls. 

The following day was the beginning of hubby's 3-day seminar so I was able to scout other hawker areas and had char siew pork with noodles. This was also in Geylang and it was in a 'local' hawker area. I don't speak Chinese so it was mostly sign language with the shop owner. Btw, CLAYGO is practiced in SG. Afterwards, I had Iced Jcoccino and chese donut at JCO Capita Mall in Bugis. The coffee was really, really good. Also, I noticed that this JCO branch is similar to S-reserve of that other coffeeshop. It also sells special drip coffee blends from Indonesia and Africa, as well as coffee accessories such as Hario drip cup and syphon. 

Did some grocery run in Paya Lebar and had dinner there with the hubby. Of course, he ordered his nth fish porridge, while I had chicken wings and spicy beans. Wasn't able to get the name of the stall but it's the one beside Giant Supermarket at the lower ground floor of Paya Lebar Square. 

NB.: If you're looking for cheap food pasalubongs, buy it from the local grocery or supermarket. 

The following day, I had ayam goreng nasi lemak for breakfast at Nenek Place in Geylang. I think this was my cheapest meal in SG, costing me only 3 SGD. 

NB.: Geylang district has one of the most diverse restaurants, hawkers and food park area. This is a must-visit district in SG. Aside from great food, it is also famous for its century old shophouses. 

For lunch, I had solo order of cheese pizza at Pizza Hut in Paya Lebar. Actually, I wanted Pizza Hut's Rendang-licious pizza but it is only available for regular or large size. Oh wells, I'm definitely ordering that when I visit SG again. Hopefully soon! ;)

Then I had an early dinner at Cafe Ponggol in Capitol Mall. It was a choice between chicken wing and chicken leg. I got chicken wing, fried egg, and Kopi O! The coffee was quite good! Well, even the chicken was good. Crispy and juicy inside. 

And just like that, it was time for me to go home. Hubby was staying for 3 more days because of his seminar. For late dinner, we had burgers and fries at McDonald's Jewel Changi. Yey! Hahaha.

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