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Royce Milk Chocolate Bar An expensive chocolate bar but its creaminess speaks for itself. "Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing." - Milton Snavely Hershey
Pan Grilled Steak This is very easy to do and it is also a cheaper alternative than eating at Melo's, Highland's Steakhouse, House of Minis, etc.

Delightful Feast At Wai-Ying

Wai-Ying has been our go-to restaurant whenever we happen to go to Ongpin. The food here is really cheap but tastes great. You can order dimsum, rice meals, congee, noodles, and even duck. Raddish Cake.
Carlo's Pizza in Tagaytay Whenever we go to Tagaytay, we always dine at Carlo's Pizza. We would've preferred dining al fresco but decided against it since we have kids in tow. This is our usual order at Carlo's Pizza-- Fish & Chips although now, they call it fish and fries. I guess some have a hard time adjusting to potato wedges. Even the garlic dip was so yummy! Daughter finished the lot all by herself. Cheese pizza. I love the seafood pizza but sadly, it was not on the menu anymore. The kids outvoted us by ordering cheese pizza. Still delish nonetheless! We were so famished by the time we arrived at the pizzeria and gladly dig in to the pasta. Luckily, I remembered to take a photo before it totally vanished. Yum yum!!!
Rimas Candy I haven't eaten this candied fruit for a very, very long time. In fact, I can't even recall what the fruit looks like. This fruit is native to Southern Tagalog if i'm not mistaken. Also, we have a Rimas fruit in our backyard in the province. Rimas is also known as Kolo or Breadfruit. It's similar to Kamansi, and a relative of Jackfruit (that's Langka). So aside from being turned into candies, some also makes a dish out of it using gata or coconut milk.
Oysters and Beancurd With Spicy Black Bean Sauce I love experimenting in the kitchen and replicating the dishes that I've tasted in restaurants. I first tasted this dish in Shin Ton Yong Resto in Ongpin. Of course, I tweaked the recipe a bit for a more personal touch. 我们走 吃吧.

Som's Thai Food

Thai Milk Tea. Seafood Curry. Phad Thai We had take-out dinner from SOMS 2 nights ago. Super yummy and sobrang mura. We bought take-outs at the branch near Rockwell in Makati. The mocha roll was from Eng Bee Tin in Ongpin =D We had pad thai, seafood curry, and thai iced tea.
Chicharon Cebu I love chicharon from Cebu. And from time to time, I buy Chicharitos or Nunie's from the grocery. The one on the pics however, were given by a friend who hails from Cebu. It's a bit malansa compared with Chicharitos and Nunie's and the ones that i've tasted from Carcar- the town of lechons and chicharons!
Cakes Galore At Powerplant Mall We've been enjoying the cakes and pastries exhibit for the past 2 Christmas season now and I was surprised to see the cake sellers in Powerplant the week before Valentine's Day. Luckily, my friend and I got to taste most of the yummy treats being offered there. Now which one should I buy??
Our Valentine Feast Instead of dining out, we had a seafood feast at home- chili crabs & prawns, shrimp & vege tempura, salmon sashimi & squid balls, and mini-cupcakes from the Sweet Life by Angge. Yum!

Sincerity Restaurant

This is one of Manila Chinatown's best-kept secret. Really, no kidding. I remember eating at this restaurant in Nueva Street when I was still young. Then I rediscovered it again when my daughter entered Big School and the area happen to be just a short ride away. Sincerity is known for its Fried Chicken and Honey Chicken. The only branch I know is the one in Nueva (Yuchengco) Street in Binondo. It's just about 2 blocks away from the church.

Charlie's Lumpiang Shanghai

Great if paired with bihon guisado or lomi or fried rice-- yummy! the kitchen goddess