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Fluffy Mashed Potato I got the recipe from Boil medium sized potatoes. Mash and add melted butter, salt, ground pepper, and sugar when its soft. Add fresh milk (or evaporated milk) to make it fluffy. Eat warm and serve with chicken and gravy. Yum!
Grilled Squid During market days, we always but shrimp and squid and sometimes fish but NEVER meat. So there's always a chance that we'd be feasting on shrimps, squid and fish. Some days are lucky when "pusit lumot" is available in the market. These are the big squid that is preferred by most people for grilling. This is a no-brainer meal that's always a hit at our dinner table.
Macapuno Bucayo This is not the usual bucayo (sugared coconut strips) that is readily available in bus stations popular in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon Province. This one is 'lovingly' packaged in a box-type wrapper made from banana trunk (husk?). Also, instead of coconut, its made from macapuno. Peanuts were added to this dessert for a more nutty flavor and I'm guessing, molasses was also used as an added sweetener. Got this from a seller when we went to La Luz in Batangas.
Cafe Breton Daughter and I decided to treat hubby at Cafe Breton for his birthday because daughter loves crepe- hahaha. Don't ask me why she chose this restaurant ;)  Hubby's brother and our wedding ninong joined us for some crepe and coffee.  Forgot what its called ... but this crepe is quiet good! Has herbs. Bro-in-law's order. Excalibur. So Arthurian! Our ninong ordered this. Tarzan. Daughter's favorite. Mine, too! Had two servings of this. Dracula. My order. Love the name! Nutella. Hubby order. He loves anything with chocolate. Two orders? Wow!
Gloria Maris Part III Still on eating mode.  Sweet and Sour Fish. Don't like. I love fish but I am not fond of sweet and sour dishes. Buchi. Now this is a big L-O-V-E
Gloria Maris Part II After the delicious appetizers, we were served the following: Salted Fish Fried Rice. Yum! My favorite. Beef. Quite good. Tummy just too full with shrimps- Hahaha Fish Lip Soup. Don't like this one. The "lip" part creeps me out! Yangchow Fried Rice. Okay but I already had the salted fish fried rice. Fried Chicken. I know its yummy but I've been avoiding chicken like crazy lately. I just ate a few kropeks.

Gloria Maris Part I

Double celebration for the family today. My nephew just graduated and it is his lolo's birthday, too. We all trouped to Gloria Maris, Greenhills for lunch. All means more than several families so there's tons of nephews and nieces, two lolas and a lola plus cousins and aunts and uncles. Steamed Suahe. Perfectly done. I can finish a whole plate of this except that daughter loves shrimp also.