Bianca's Secret

There are really times when a woman feels insecure when it comes to personal hygiene and I think almost every female I know can relate to this insecurity especially when having the monthly visit or the "red" calendar days. Holiday? No, I'm not talking about holiday here when I mentioned "red" calendar days. I'm talking about when we, women, have our menstruation. Aside from having mood swings and the unexplained irritability and sensitivity, we also have this feeling of discomfort and insecure of our personal hygiene. And if its only possible to just stay at home and hide, we will do so.

And because Bianca is a woman like us, she is not spared of that also. I'm talking about Bianca Gonzalez here- the tv host, model, product endorser, among others.

 Shown in the photo with Bianca Gonzalez is Mr. Lito Ardeta of Mundipharma Phils.
Stand Up for Better Days

It used to be that the ideal Filipina was deliberately shy and reserved- she was the type to keep to herself, follow instructions, and speak only when spoken to. But with more and more women seeking better days, that is no longer the case today. The smart, modern Filipina understands that a carefree, worry free life comes from being able to stand up and take care of herself--- and that also means giving her health and hygiene the care and attention they deserve.

Feminine hygiene may not be the easiest thing to talk about, but just giving yourself the chance to listen and to be informed about it is your first step towards better days. Even someone as eloquent and outspoken as high-caliber celebrity Bianca Gonzalez understands the reservations you are going through-- because she also went through the same thing. "In our culture, Pinays in general are too shy to talk about matters down there," Bianca says. And she confesses: "I myself was so embarrassed when I first had to see an OB-GYN. Buy it is something every woman must do."

"We should get the protection that we deserve. For example, during red days, women cannot use ordinary panty liners-- we need to change to sanitary napkins of tampons. It is the same with the daily feminine wash we use-- during red days, we have the option to use better feminine wash," she says.

The reason for this is that you are more at risk for itchiness, infection, and irritation during red days. So settling for an ordinary feminine wash during your time of the month may not be enough. "We need extra protection during red days and BETADINE Feminine Wash can give that," Bianca says.

What BETADINE Feminine Wash does that a daily feminine wash cannot do as effectively is eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause irritation during red days. Using BETADINE Feminine Wash means less risk of infection, relief from itchiness and irritation, and a worry free mindset that comes from knowing your health and hygiene are well taken care of, and that there are better days ahead.

"That is why this campaign means so much to me," Bianca says. "It empowers women, reassuring them that they are not alone in their worries, and that a product to help them with their worries is readily available."

The event was also graced by Dr. Lyla Reyes, an OB-GYN. She was explaining to Boy Abunda, the host for the event, that girls as young as 13 years old can start visiting an OB-GYN so that the doctor can explain and teach the girls about proper hygiene. The doctor can also help detect and prevent illnesses related to hygiene. 

Four lovely ladies were also invited to a question and answer portion with Dr. Reyes.