RECIPE: TKG's 30-Minute Pasta

Here's an easy-to-prepare pasta recipe that I usually cook whenever we crave for it but doesn't really have the time (and the ingredients) to prepare a gourmet pasta dish. I usually use whatever ingredients I can find inside the fridge and pantry. I do however, always have a pack of pasta sauce and pasta in the pantry for emergency cravings.


300g fusilli pasta
1 pack Clare Ole Filipino Style Pasta Sauce
250g cocktail hotdog
1 medium size onion, minced
olive oil
water (optional)
ground black pepper
garlic powder
dried basil
cumin (optional)
grated quezo de bola

Boil the pasta until al dente. While waiting for it to cook, mince the onion, and slice the hotdog into desired length. Strain the pasta once its cooked and set aside. In a pan, cook the hotdog in water first before adding some oil and onion. Stir fry but be careful not to brown it. Add the tomato sauce and dilute with water. Add some black pepper, garlic powder, basil, and cumin. I like adding cumin to my meat pasta dishes because it enhances the flavor, and smells nice too! Allow the sauce to boil for a while before adding the pasta. Grate some quezo de bola and you're all set.

recipe by the kitchen goddess
all photos taken using ASUS zenfone 2 laser see what others can't see