I ventured out of  my comfort zone and traveled all the way to Caloocan because I am curious about the newly opened EatSaWrap at the Victory Mall Grand Central Caloocan. The area is not really my turf but I'd go the distance when it comes to good food. 

EatSaWrap offers wraps similar to burrito (sans beans), and is also available in a rice bowl. They have several variants to choose from. Aside from wrap and bowl, they also offer an 18-inch long hotdog. 

Tito's Paborito is a blend of red sausages, tomato, corn, sweet onion, cheesy sauce and java rice. 

Oh-ha-Aloha! This is a combination of hamonado chunks with bacon, pineapple bits, corn, sweet onion, Hawaiian sauce and garlic rice. 

Ole-Ole, a mexican inspired wrap that has sausages and ham, tomato, corn, sweet onion, Hawaiian sauce and java rice. 

Inasal Espesyal is perfect for barbeque lovers! It has chunky chicken sausages, corn, sweet onion, BBQ sauce and java rice. 

Annyeong is Korean-inspired wrap/bowl that has bacon, roasted nori, corn, sweet onion, bbq sauce and kimchi rice. 

Never-Ending Hotdog is an 18-inch hotdog sandwich that's good for sharing (or not!). 

Having watched KDramas, I am obviously drawn to Annyeong Wrap which didn't disappoint. I love kimchi and adding roasted nori is pure genius and it elevated the dining experience for me. Aside from the flavor, I also love how 'meaty' it is in every bite. They didn't scrimp on meat portions. 

I also had Tito's Paborito which is a complete meal since it is filled with sausage and java rice. Yum! 

Overall, I am happy to travel from Sta Mesa to Victory Mall Grand Central. EatSaWrap is definitely worth the long distance. 

As an added note, EatSaWrap is also owned by Tito's Meat Flower Shop which produces processed meat products such as bacon, sausages, ham, etc. So now you know why EatSaWrap is masarap! 

Ground floor near entrance
Victory Mall Grand Central
Caloocan City