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Healthy Cooking with Cherry II Cookware

Women nowadays are not only career driven but are also keen when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle and having a good diet. And that's why they are in charge of the kitchen. Eating healthy food as well as preparing the food themselves is preferred even if they've just come from the workplace. Here's a beloved Filipino dish that is both healthy and is a great comfort food (dish), not to mention easy to prepare- the sinigang na baboy.

Christmas Holidays at Mario's

Spend a fabulous holiday at Mario's this Christmas Season and feast on sumptuous delights from Paella Valenciana ... a traditional Christmas favorite ...

RECIPE: TKG's Chocolate Cheesecake

I've been meaning to make cheesecake a few weeks back but daughter had a sudden fascination with cream cheese and crackers so we always ran out of cream cheese. Luckily, I had this crazy moment in the kitchen. I'm now sharing my easy to make chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Red Cherries Cake House

Red Cherries is one of Baguio's best kept secret. Really. I mean, the first time my daughter and I went to Red Cherries, it took us a while to find the place, and we also didn't know that its close during the morning and its time for us to head back to Manila. It took us about a year to be able to go back and luckily, the store's open- yey!

RECIPE: TKG's 30-Minute Pasta

Here's an easy-to-prepare pasta recipe that I usually cook whenever we crave for it but doesn't really have the time (and the ingredients) to prepare a gourmet pasta dish. I usually use whatever ingredients I can find inside the fridge and pantry. I do however, always have a pack of pasta sauce and pasta in the pantry for emergency cravings.