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The Kitchen Goddess' Top Twelve Restaurant Picks for 2016

The restaurant scene in Manila has been very competitive this year (2016) and we've witnessed the changing atmosphere when it comes to dining. Filipinos have become more adventurous when it comes to food preference that even the old dining places have been improving and updating their menus. We can also say that Madrid Fusion Manila and the World Streetfood Congress Manila helped a lot in changing the conventional palates of most Filipinos.

So before the year officially ends, I am sharing my twelve restaurant picks for 2016.

12. Biscuit-thin pizza, sizzling sinigang ribs, and steaks are just some of the popular dishes that you can order at Beeffalo by Hotrocks. Would love to dine here again and again but Antipolo and Marikina are too far for me. But if I really happen to go there, I'd gladly visit the restaurant again. 

11. I love yogurt shakes and beef kofta and kebabs. And to think that Sultan Mediterranean Grill is just 10 minutes away from our place and we only got to dine here recently. Hoping to visit this restaurant again in 2017 and try the other dishes. 

10. Mario's restaurant in Quezon City brings back tons of memories when I used to dine there with my parents. I love the gambas and the lengua here. 

9. If you happen to live near Greenhills and is craving for Japanese food, I would suggest Wafu. They also have one of the tastiest and crispiest karaage in town. 

8. Who doesn't love pizza? Not to mention freshly-made and with the freshest ingredients too. Me and my daughter are really smitten by their pizzas especially the quattro formaggi with honey! They also serve yummy zeppole. Salvatore Cuomo in BGC definitely is one of the most interesting restos in that area. 

7. I love Vietnamese pho noodles and I'm really excited to go to Vietnam and have my fill of pho noodles there. But for now, Phat Pho Vietnamese Kitchen in Powerplant Mall will satisfy my cravings. Also notable is their fried spring rolls and Angus beef satay. 

6. Whenever we happen to go to Newport Mall in Pasay City, we always end up dining at Ichiba Japanese Market. Aside from the fact that the dishes here are reasonably priced, the dishes are also delicious. We love the ramen, gyudon and the takoyaki. 

5. Perfect Pint's deconstructed crispy sinigang is simply amazing! I love love their stinky pizza and the shrimp bisque pasta. Of course, they also brew their own beer. Their branch in Molito, Alabang housed a nano brewery. 

4. If you want to go on a date and is still in the getting-to-know-you phase, I suggest asking your date to have an afternoon tea with you at Marco Polo Ortigas' Connect Lounge. You'll also get to enjoy a great view of the eastern part of the city while sipping tea and eating cakes and scones. 

3. This restaurant originated in Singapore and is fast becoming a favorite by diners at S Maison Conrad. Famous for its 8 flavors Xiao Long Bao, Paradise Dynasty is actually offers a lot of delectable dishes such as the Stir-fried Shredded Pork and Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken. 

2. We don't eat pork at home but when we do, it is usually crispy pata or lechon, or maybe some pork dumplings. And our default restaurant to go to for crispy pata is still Ristorante delle Mitre. We've been dining here for 4 years now since we (with my foodie friends) discovered it about 4 years ago. What's nice here is that the quality of food is still the same. 

1. Topping my list of twelve restaurant picks this 2016 is Nanbantei of Tokyo. My family and I did a lot of food-bonding activity since this restaurant opened in Greenbelt more than a decade ago. Nanbantei is famous for its yakitori and Japanese beers. And I also love their mojitos- ftw! 

Special mention: Vest Ramen for being an authentic tasting ramen that costs $2 and Jollibee for its Breakfast Yum Burger and Burger Steak Supreme and Chocolate Creamy Float. 

N.B.  The restaurants listed here are the ones I visited and are included in my 2016 food blog and are my top picks. If you have a personal favorite, please share it here and I'll try to visit it soon. :)
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