TKGEats At Ougisushi Shinjuku

Dining at Ougisushi is one of the best highlight of our dining experience in Tokyo. We didn't even plan nor heard about Ougisushi until we happen to pass by the restaurant on our way to a Taito.  

Ougisushi is at Musashino Street which is near Shinjuku Station. It's one of the many sushi bar in Shinjuku that's popular with those who work in the vicinity especially during lunchtime. 

They do have a lot of choices but we got two different Chirashi-don lunch set. It comes with miso soup, and seasonal pickled vegetables. There's also unlimited house tea (hot or cold). 

Chirashi-don is different kinds of seafood sashimi on top of sushi rice. We got two different sets of chirashi-dons: one with maguro and sake, and the other one with ikura and white fish. Both has kani or crabstick and ika (squid), naruto (fish cake), and seaweed. 

Our early lunch at Ougisushi was perfect! We love the food, the sashimi tasted so fresh and clean. No 'fishy' taste. And it was a light but filling meal. The Itamae-san was even amused to see us taking lots of photos before enjoying our meal. Btw, our table has a nice view of the sushi-bar so we can see the 'live-action' as the Itamae-san makes sushi. 

Chirashi-don with Ikura. 

It was still early (around 1030AM) when we arrived at Ougisushi so we were able to avoid the lunch crowd. And they have a special price for their lunch set for early lunch-goers, so yey! 

This is what Ougisushi looks like from the outside. Entrance looks small but it's quite spacious inside and diners can sit comfortably without bumping elbows. Budget per pax is ¥2000 - 3000. 

Ougisushi Shinjuku
3 Chome-22-13
Shinjuku City, Tokyo 

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