TKGEats at Boracay Part 7

OMG! Part 7 already. This is my first trip to Boracay this year- 2024 and well, you can't go to Boracay without having good food, right? So here is my Boracay Eats Part 7 adventure! Btw, I am with my balikbayan cousins from Canada. 

Starting our Day 1 Boracay trip with Pad Thai and Fish & Chips at Sea Salt Restaurant in Henann Prime Beach Resort. These was brunch because we arrived early and our rooms were not yet available for check-in. Went around D'Mall afterwards and bought cheese and ham at Heidiland before going to Mecasa Hotel. 

And just in time for the sunset, I am at my favorite 'Isaw' place in Station 1. Yum! I paired it with Dark Chocolate Coffee from Don Macchiatos, which was pretty cheap at P39! It was also enjoyable to watch the sunset while munching the cheese and ham that I bought from Heidiland. 

For Day 2 breakfast, I had Sunny Side-up with Bacon, Toast, Watermelon, and Orange Juice. My cousin, on the other hand was raving about the Ube Champorado at Henann Prime. After a quick dip, we all went to D'Mall to buy more cheese at Heidiland and some sourdough bread. Then my cousins shared an order of Coconut Ice-Cream with Mangoes and Nata de Coco from Mango Mama. 

After siesta and another not-so-quick swim, we went to Kasbar for Calamari, Chicken Wrap, and Chicken Wings plus San Mig Light and Iced Calamansi Juice. 

Day 3 adventure began at sunrise and Taho! It was chilly and windy at Bulabog Beach while waiting for the sun to rise and having a hot Taho on the beach was a blessing. Of course, I am not skipping breakfast just because I already had Taho. So for today's breakfast, I opted to eat Ham Sandwich, Fries, and Watermelon plus Coffee. My cousins had another round of Champorado though, this time- the chocolate one. 

For lunch, I can't resist having Grilled Pecho at JT's Manukan in Bulabog. What I love about JT's Manukan is its consistent taste. We order regularly from their Granda, San Juan City branch. Alas, I do wish they'd start accepting GCash because I am already used to using my eWallet when paying for food or items. *hint* *hint*

Dinner was a special affair, we all dressed-up and went on the long ride to Mama's Fish House in Microtel by Wyndham Boracay. We had a lovely meal of Fish & Chips and Laksa Fried Chicken. The sunset was also lovely in this part of the island. 

Day 4 and it's breakfast time again and tis time I had Omelette with ham and cheese from Heidiland. The omelette came with toast and coffee. My cousins already moved to Sur Boracay Hotel by this time but they said that breakfast is not that memorable. For lunch, I had Takoyaki, Fries from Potato Corner, and Jonah's Mocha Shake. Now this is what I call the perfect beach-food! Yum! 

For dinner, we walked to The Sunnyside Cafe in Station 1. We got lucky to get a table with a nice sunset view. This was our last night on the island so we wanted another special meal. Ordered Choriburger Pizza, Pumpkin Soup, Champorado (again), Dalandan Juice, and my Dalandan Cold Brew which tasted lit! 

Day 5, our van transfer was early because we have an early flight going back so I just ate at the airport. My cousins had another round of breakfast at Sur Boracay although it wasn't memorable as well. Mecasa Hotel was asking if I wanted to eat breakfast but it will just make me sleepy. I did wake up early for the sunrise though and had coffee at Levantin Hotel Boracay. And guess what- Levantin serves super nice cappuccino and there are also a lot of interesting items on the menu. Making mental note to visit this part of the island again, soon!