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RECIPE: TKG's Grilled Baby Squid

This recipe was inspired by our neighborhood 24/7 carinderia. Sometimes, when I feel really lazy to cook, I would just check the phone book and order pizza or pansit or palabok or chicken or tapsi or squid. Sadly, the inihaw squid is not always available. So I decided to do something about my craving and made some kitchen experiment. I  filled the squid with lemongrass then poured some salted sesame oil on the squid before grilling it. Good!

RECIPE: TKG's Stir-Fried Veggies With Ground Pork

A not-so-creative dish but fills the tummy nonetheless. Ingredients: Ground pork, 1/4 kilo Carrots, 1 big, thinly sliced, French beans, 1/8 kilo Sayote, 1 medium
Mall Rats & Kikay Day With Ninang A Instead of playing badminton, A and I spent the morning being pampered at "Let's Face It" salon in SM Megamall. She had her nails done (manicure) while I had my usual pedicure. I decided against a manicure since my usual girl attendant is not around and the once who cleaned my toe nails didn't do her job properly. One of my toes hurt! Anyways, after the pedicure, I opted for a short haircut at "Go Straight" salon while A stayed behind to have a facial. But we did all that but not before sipping our fave cup of coffee (well, cold choco for me) in Starbucks. Where else? We waited for hubby and daughter to arrived in Shang Plaza before heading off to Market Market.
Hot, Hot Summer Is Here Summer is already in our midst and its literally nice to stay in the mall the whole day long. This is also a nice time to schedule family outings to the beach or the pool.
Raspberry Choco Ice Cream The best! Made by the popular Fruits In Ice Cream company. Tastes heavenly specially on a very hot, hot day.
Peppermint Love I can't really recall how I turned up to love mint chocolate. If only I could, I would eat this every day. Alas, this is not readily available here in Manila. :(

Crispy Pata by After 6

Whenever we feel like having some calorific lunch or dinner, we just call our trusted crispy pata place and call in our order. Then after about 30 minutes, yaya will go there to pick up the piping hot crispy pata. Its about 5 minutes away from our place. Lucky!
We're Officially 6! We've just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday at Greenbelt. Dinner at Recipes Desserts at Cafe Breton

RECIPE: TKG's Oatmeal-Crusted Dory with Stir-fried Veggies

This is an experiment that turned out quite good and delicious. Sadly, I lack food-styling skills. Ingredients: Cream Dory Oatmeal Shitake Mushroom French Beans Salt and pepper to taste
Ebay Addict Eversince I registered at, I'm hooked! I was able to purchase super affordable and new toys for daughter. A polly pocket set, barbie toy cd player and kim possible dolls. A new hobby :D
top 10 cakes on my list - caramel cake from estrel's - caramel cake from hizon's - caramel cake from costa bravo - turtle pie from conti's - blackforest from circle's - nelusco from betty's sansrival -
Oatmeal Cookies Sometimes when we get tired of eating cookies from the grocery, daughter and I would bake some. We've tried making crinkles, choco-chips, etc. And today, our baking frenzy yielded some yummy and nutritious oatmeal cookies. Alas, it didn't last long. Great paired with a glass of fresh milk.
Stay-At-Home Friday I opted to stay at home today. Aside from wanting to rest, I also miss cleaning the house. Really?! Prepared a yummy nilaga with corn and lots of leeks, kinchay, onion, chives for us. It was very filling and super delicious. Afterwards, daughter and I had a Disney-movie marathon while munching on our favorite chips and ice-cream. Yey!
FIC's Caramelo con Pastillas I love this flavor from FIC (Fruits In Ice-Cream). Other favorites are tsokonut and raspberry chocolate and ube. Its also nice  that there's an FIC kiosk somewhere in Addition Hills area and its just a few minutes drive away from our place.
Seaweed Tempura Hubby loves this seaweed snack that I bought from a store somewhere in Ongpin. Costs less than P70. I'm not sure if this is healthy since I find it oily (not to mention the msg content) but since we don't eat this every day, I guess its okay.
Bulaluhan sa Espana This 24/7 bulaluhan (bulalohan) is an institution itself. A place of reverence and sacredness along Espana Boulevard, beside Meralco and fronting the PLDT Tower. It's been there for ages. Ask anyone who grew up in Sampaloc area where the best bulalo in town is and you're likely to get directed at this place.
Exercise Is Not Exercise Without Good Food After our Sunday badminton date, A and I went to SM Megamall because she needs to buy Spanish dictionary and I have bank errands. Of course the (un)expected happened. We got hungry. I volunteered that we eat at Terriyaki Boy and she readily agreed as we both love Japanese food. We ordered Kani Salad, Chicken Terriyaki, Liver Nira and a pork dish, and shared a bowl of plain rice and washed it down with tea. A learned how to use the chopsticks because I was teasing her that she'll starve if she can't use her chopsticks. Burp Yummylicious! Felt guilty about not inviting hubby and daughter along. (hehehe) This is the part I love best about my Sunday ritual with A. Aside from playing the game to release a week-long stress, we always update each other on what's happening with our lives as well as gossip about the people that we know (shhhh!). And after the sweat-drenching game (really?) we always end up eating somewhere where o
Foodtrip After going to M's condo in Greenhills, I stopped by at Behrouz along Wilson to buy shawarma. Next stop is DECs. Bought Seafood Lumpia, Crab-Egg Balls, Melon Drink, Buko Pandan Drink, Gulaman Drink and Mocca Roll. We all happily ate it at home. (burp)
When In Baguio This is one of the most popular "pasalubong" from the Land of Pine Trees. I guess the cool air agrees with the raisin bread that's why if you purchase it in Baguio, it tastes good compared to the ones made here in Manila or other parts of the country. The raisin bread was from the Baguio Country Club bakeshop. There are so many breads there but the raisin bread was the bestseller. The cheese roll and the baguette are also good.
Dr. J feeding daughter haagen dazs! hahaha *** where's the photo?? During daughter's very first check-up, she was a week-old then, the family came in full support when we went to Dr. J's clinic. Family means hubby, daughter and I, plus O's family and lola L. Aside from getting her shot (I forgot what it is), daughter had her ears pierced also. Ouch! She cried loudly, angrily, I think. Luckily, lola L was there to give her a dancing swing and coos. It was almost lunchtime when we're done and since Dr. J doesn't have any other patients scheduled for the day, she and her family joined us for lunch at Max's. Afterwards, we all went to Shangri-La Plaza and bought a blue and yellow stroller for daughter. I love the duck prints. We had the stroller cleaned and washed with alcohol so that daughter can use it so that we can enjoy going around the mall. Daughter's a baby mall-rat! Hahaha. Had dessert and coffee (them) at Haagen Dazs before going home.
Som's Thai Restaurant The restaurant is located near Powerplant Mall, near Kalayaan. This is not a posh resto but it does have more than a fair share of followers. Avoid lunchtime or dinnertime especially with an empty stomach unless you're lucky to get a table that quick. Dining al fresco is also allowed here if you're not particular about the cars. Bagoong Fried Rice. This is good although some friends say that they've tasted better bagoong fried rice. I think I did also, at Sawasdee. Alas, that resto is already in the history books. Seafood Curry. This is our favorite and default order whenever we eat at Som's. However, it would've been nice if they add more shrimps or squid. *hint* *hint* There was a time when we bought some take out curry and luckily, we have some leftover shrimps so we're happy, happy, happy.