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Kalamay Kalamay from San Miguel, Bulacan This is the first time that i've seen and eaten kalamay in sauce. Also, I haven't been fond of kalamay or any kakanin with "latik" since I don't like the smell and taste of it. But this one's different. The latik is chewy and doesn't taste "malansa" nor does it smell like burnt coconut. As for the kalamay, I'm guessing it passed several times in a cheesecloth or maybe a sifter(?) because its consistency is very, very smooth.
SOMS Pad Thai with ketchup! Don't ask me why but i think there's a hint of ketchup. But no complaints in this dish. I love it. As for the Seafood Curry, it needs more seafood instead of curry sauce. But for its price, I guess its filling enough. Love, love, love the curry sauce!
Angel's Kitchen I've been hearing about the good reviews about Angel's Kitchen for the longest time and I also know where its located but for some unknown reason, we always end up at the restaurant next door. So one day, without any plans, my food-buddy and I ended up in this homey place. And I love the interiors!

Mahogany Market

A trip to Tagaytay is not complete if one will not go on a Mahogany Market tour. This market sells newly slaughtered beef (no offense meant to vegans) so one is assured that the bulalos being served in the carinderias nearby are fresh, not the frozen kind. There's a lot of carinderias to choose from but since my daughter loves purple, we have no choice but be drawn to this carinderia with purple plates! We ordered bulalo and tawilis, the usual pair of soup and fried fish. Piping-hot bulalo Unlimited senorita bananas for dessert That's our "bulalo" in the food warmer! Crispy Tawilis
Massimo's This restaurant is a haven for Italian cuisine-lovers. They also serve Angus and Wagyu Steak, and Alaskan King Crab. For starters, we were given focaccia bread with artichoke dip (bestseller). Then we moved on to pasta, fish and meat. We washed everything down with fresh dalandan juice and iced-tea. Afterwards, the temptation of peach shortcake, panacotta and gelato followed. The restaurant, named after the owner and Chef Hazel's son nestled in the highlands of Tagaytay. A few meters after Petron station, you'll see the sign leading to Massimo's. The red homey-looking house will make you wonder if you are in the right place, but upon seeing a jade-green rabbit at the foot of the stairs, this is it. The interiors are not your usual resto-setting. It's more laidback, relaxed and just right for the cool Tagaytay breeze where one can dine without being hurried. Night patrons will find romance in the candlelit ambiance of the place that also includes a quai