Chili Crab Buns at Din Tai Fung Marina Bay

We haven't eaten at Din Tai Fung for a long time so it was during our latest trip to Singapore that we dined at DTF Marina Bay Sands. 

As always, I do love unplanned visits to restaurants and just trust instinct on where to dine. Luckily, my friend was also craving for xiao long bao. She wanted to dine at DTF the night before when we first went to MBS but it was already closing time and we all wanted to go to bed early as we also started early. But that's another story. 

Going back to DTF at MBS, the place was huge. I guess it is one of the popular dining places at MBS which doesn't really cost an arm and leg. Haha, but the bill was still expensive lah!

We had noodles with wontons, xiao long bao, chili crab bun, and pork bun. This was merienda, by the way. 

My friend enjoyed her xia long bao while I feasted on the chili crab bun and pork bun. Between the two, I'd go for the chili crab because it's chili crab. Savory and sublime is how I would describe it.

Another noticeable thing is the quality of the buns and noodles itself which is quite different than the ones I ate here in Manila. The texture and flavors are amazing. The ones we ate at DTF MBS was really Michelin star quality. 

PS. I did notice that the serving portion of buns here in Manila is different from that in SG.. or maybe because its in MBS? hmmm, will update on that. 

Din Tai Fung
Level B2, Marina Bay Sands
Bayfront Avenue Galleria, Singapore