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RECIPE: TKG's Salmon Belly in Ginger Sauce

I love being in the kitchen where I can be creative and make a dish on whatever ingredients are available in the fridge and the pantry. So tonight was not an exception. I bought the salmon belly because we just love sinigang and salmon is a healthier option to pork.

Beef Brisket

This is one of daughter's favorite dish. I guess it's the star anise that she fell in love with. :)
Homemade Pizza I found some kani in the fridge and since we're making pizza, I decided to put some shredded kani as well. Turns out good but not that exceptional. Maybe I should've added more kani. Next time :)
Vigan Empanada After years of hearing friends rave about Vigan Empanada, I was able to taste this (at last!) when we went to Tiendesitas with my friends. So, what's the verdict? Hmmm... I really can't say if I like it or not since the ones that we bought were 'cold' and oily. Maybe it tastes different when its just off the frying pan. I have to give it another try soon! :)
Carla & Elaine's This cakeshop is a bit hard to find, not unless you always pass by P. Guevara or will drop by at Santi's Wilson because it is housed in the same building. It was a mom-friend from school who told me about it but she can't really explain well its location since someone just give her cakes bought from Carla & Elaine's. It took me several months before I was able to visit the cakeshop, thanks to my "fish cracker" craving. But the long wait didn't disappoint. Chocolate Almond Torte I love its chewiness especially when its just out of the fridge. The cake itself is not that sweet but the filling is- for sweet lovers!
Mom & Tina's Finally, after two years of waiting, we got to try dining at this resto only because we happen to be in Makati and this resto was right in front of us. Too tired to walk to Greenbelt. Luckily, our decision turned out good. Fish and Chips. Daughter enjoyed this immensely. Two thumbs up for the big serving. Chicken Kebabs. A bit "bitin" according to hubby. But it tasted great so he can't complain much. Kani-Mango Salad Chocolate-Mint Shake Callos - very tasty and tender. A bit salty though but then, I have a low tolerance when it comes to salty food. Highly recommended!

Gilligan's Glorietta 5

This is literally my first time to eat a full meal in this restaurant. The previous times, we just ordered pica-picas and drinks. With hubby, daughter and a friend in tow, we ordered the set meal that feeds 4 pax. The Inihaw Na Pork Liempo was just so-so. Also, it was thinly sliced so you can't really taste the meat and it more on fatty than meaty-- not to mention, it arrived late on our table. Then there's the Bangus Belly Sinigang. Hubby enjoyed this dish since he is more of a health-buff than I am. I love the sour broth since it remained hot for a long time. What I don't really like is that it tastes like the broth is made from powdered sinigang mix. I guess that's the downside of knowing how to cook a mean sinigang, hehehe. This is what I ate the most! Boneless Crispy Pata. Not bad, but that that great either. I've eaten crunchier and tastier crispy pata (with bones nga lang!). But I enjoyed this so no harm done except when hubby commented that the
SOM'S Thai Milk Tea This milk tea is heavenly for a sweet tooth like me! Also, you can pour one bottle on a pitcher and add ice and some water to make it less sweet. The small 320ml bottle can also be shared by two people. It costs around P50.
World Class Persian Kabab Located in T.Morato cor E.Rodgriguez in Quezon City, this restaurant can get full especially during dinner time (haven't tried going there for lunch, that's why!). The interiors are painted red which complements the dark wood table and dim lights. Think mysterious! You can also order shisha here. Shawarma Rice. This plate is for the ravenous! Simply add yogurt dressing and spicy dressing and voila--- a meal with a zing! Costs less than a hundred. Friendly on the pocket. Creamy Yogurt Shake. Sweetened just right to adapt to Filipino palate. I've tasted sour yogurt shake and its definitely a no-no. Never mind if its healthy. But the one they serve here, good!!! And did I mention it's just P30? That's not even $1. This is the Shawarma Plate. It's basically an unrolled and unwrapped shawarma. The nice part here is for those who hates onions (not me) and tomatoes or maybe the cucumbers. Just pour the yogurt dressing, mix and you
Shawarma I've been craving for some shawarma lately but the ones being sold near our place are the mock-shawarma types. Here's my list of Shawarma Places that's worth visiting: 1. Ermita Snack Center - 2. Behrouz - 3. World Class Persian Kabab - 4. Food Channel - 5. Ababu -

Minty Goodness

I Love Mint Chocolates !!! The ones on the photo are after six thin mints and M&Ms mint chocolate which is usually available during Christmas season. A cousin once commented that eating mint chocolate is like eating toothpaste! hahaha
UCC Breakfast I'm not really a breakfast person but I can get up early once in a while especially when the "breakfast is right!" Mushroom and Cheese Omelet Tuna & Bread Three Mushroom Omelet